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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

~ I thought it Sprung? ~

It was Spring yesterday, right? 

oh well....
it's pretty and all, but ~
I really wanted to see some 
flowers and bunnies and spring-like things instead 
of grey skies and snow.

here is the view from my studio upstairs in this old farmhouse this morning;

although it is a snow day,
I'll create my own bit of Spring with my paintbox & brushes.

the one advantage of a snow day is that I can pretend that I don't have much to do.
{HA!....that cracked me up!}

as much as there is on my agenda, 
I do have a rotten chest cold and need to rest up a bit.

so you'll find me quietly painting while the snowflakes wane,
enjoying a couple of cups of steaming hot tea with honey & ginger ~

and dreaming of wonderful warm
and flower-filled days to come!

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


  1. Aww. So sorry you're feeling under the weather, Lori, particularly weather like yours right now. But spring will come...I know it will... :)

    Love your painting...and your little witches sketches on your Instagram! <I;) Heal well...

  2. Oh no, not a cold. Be kind to yourself.
    I do love your rabbit.

  3. Fun to see your paint box and how some colors are almost gone and some seem almost untouched. I do hope to own one of your watercolor pieces some day. You create such gentle souls.

  4. A lovely spring rabbit has sprung from your paint box! Feel better!

  5. Yeah much for Spring ....we are expected 2-5" ....I have seen enough snow !!!! I want to see flowers & leaves on the trees & play in the dirt !!!! I am sick of my down parka !!!!!
    Hope you feel better soon !!!

  6. It may not be Spring, but it is beautiful as is your watercolor painting. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. Take care , lori,,, colds are yuccy,,,
    Feel better,,,
    Love ur snow pics,, very pretty,,, just not so much in march,,,,
    Ur paintings are wonderful, ,,,

  8. I have had a talk with Mother Nature about this weather, told her it was time to get with the program!


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