Down a dirt road, past fields and deep woods ~
stands a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof...
it's here at our beloved Notforgotten Farm that you will find me...

chasing kittens, puttering in the gardens or talking to the tree.

I love seeing the past through the eye of a needle ~
...I collect old & odd things.
I pull wool & cotton through linen. I walk barefoot in my garden and throw my head back and cackle when I laugh...

I'm just a little farm-witch that loves where I am & who I'm with ~

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Saturday, March 31, 2018

~ Easter Weekend & in the News ~

Hello Friends & Folk!
Wishing you all a very Happy Easter Weekend from all of us ~

I purchased these beauties below and will put them in the ground this afternoon ~
my very favorite variety of Daffodil...

I also brought home 2 tiny white tulip plants,
 2 purple hyacinth, and a handful of tiny tête-à-tête daffy's ~

while I was snapping photos, 
a big old fuzzy bumbler-bee stopped in for a landing on my fingertip.
{this is actually a male Wood Bee, and while they will fly into your face of hover in front of you in a threatening way...they do not have stingers}

our Lily of the Valley are sprouting and will soon fill the shop garden with their sweet scent
and tiny white bells ~

did you know that one of my favorite perfumes, 
 muguet du bois by House of Coty
was released in 1941?

here is our Forsythia ~ vibrant and strong this year...

and take a look at our Pussy Willows!
all of the silvery catkins reaching up to the sun!

...our tiny Grape Hyacinths have returned again too,
and are popping up everywhere ~

a double bloomer daffy!
and I just noticed one of the dogs have chewed on the small picket fence. 

  I looked out my sewing room window to find this peaceful scene ~
our donkeys, our sheep and in the paddock with the donkeys,
three deer!


 In Other News ~
our little shop is coming along!

Peter has put hundreds of hours into it already, 
and I can't wait till you see it....
when will that be you ask?

We will be reopening on Saturday, April 21st
10:00 ~ 4:00
woot woot!!

 and here are a just few peeks inside the shop:

new lace curtains grace the freshly painted windows ~
new shelving below the windows and around the shop will hold goods...

Peter painted one of our old cupboards {below}
~ with a beautiful coat of light grey enamel paint!

...and what a difference in displaying our Valdani Threads now ~ 
which are housed nicely in ball jars and labeled for your convenience...
{still making labels ;)}


we have brought in new rolling racks to house all of our wool,
and are in the process of filling them up...

shiny & new!

I will share more photos as we progress, 
we are so excited to reopen and have you all back for a visit!

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


Cheryl Reeves said...

Love seeing all the animals and flowers.
Your shop is just mind boggling and I'm loving the ball jars for the Valdani thread.
Have a Blessed Easter

NMK said...

So nice to see your farm & the animals out & about !!! Your gardens are looking great with pops of color !!! Your New shop looks Great !!! The cupboard with the glass jars filled with Valdani threads looks so pretty !!! And those shelves with scrumptious colors of wool !!!! Yummy !!!! You will have so much fun decorating & putting in all the pretty finishing touches !!!
Happy Easter !!! Happy Spring !!!!!

marly said...

The shop is looking great, love those rolling shelves too. I always cursed at the wood borer who has destroyed a lot of siding, and one day learned that if the body is not smooth and shiny, it's the humble bumble! Now I check for shiny and bald or soft and fuzzy before cursing. Can't believe he landed on your finger!

Happy Easter to you and family.

The Eveningstitcher said...

Your shop is going to be clean and bright, Lori! Peter is such a wonderful carpenter are indeed truly blessed! Love seeing your grounds...everything is just beautiful! We're getting horrible winds, with rain and it's only 40 degrees....YUCK! Have a happy and blessed Easter Sunday!

Jane said...

Happy Easter to all at the magical Notforgotten Farm!!

littlemancat said...

Thanks for the lovely flower and animal tour! Love your beautiful home and surroundings. You're well ahead of us up here in PA with the flowers. But soon, we hope!
And the Lily of the Valley perfume - oh yes, I remember when they sold it in a little bottle with an applicator as it was a creamy lotion. Nicest scent.

Anonymous said...

Notforgotten Farm looks like a beautiful, tranquil place filled with wonderful flowers and animals. It's the perfect setting for one as creative as you. Your shop is going to be a stitching heaven/haven. If I was still living in PA I'd travel down to visit but it's a bit of a drive from Texas. Thanks for sharing.

Sandra in Texas

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, Lori! I will be revisiting this post with the utmost attention to every detail, as everything you have posted is so beautiful! Must comment on the lace curtains...mmmmm!!!! and especially on your bee friend, as I find that most delightful. Happy Easter, Dear, dear Lori, and your family, as well...:)


denise said...

do they even make that cologne anymore? it's an oldie! love the shop!

Saundra said...

Great progress to me in seeing the photos. For you since you are around it every day it may seem a little slower. Can't wait for the big opening ceremony.

Cindy said...

Love the pics of spring. Thanks for sharing.

elaine allerton said...

Beautiful photography you take , lori,,,
The deer pic is wonderful,,, what a scene with ur pets, too,,,
Gosh, its snowing here this easter sunday!! It was feeling like spring,,,,!!
Hope so,,,
Your shop,,, wow,, would love to get there sometime,,,,
Have a happy easter,,,,

Ronda Tedder said...

Wonderful Lori! Such beautiful pictures of Spring and new life! It appears to me that you may be see a fawn soon. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Enjoy your day!

Happy Easter to NFG.


Krissy B. said...

Happy Easter to you. The shop photos look wonderful. I can't wait for the day I get to sit in your store and visit, hook, punch, and SHOP. Thank you for sharing all that you love with us.

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