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Thursday, February 8, 2018

~ This & That ~

Each Winter,
I bring in a small cutting from our forsythia bush...
and place it in water in my favorite hobnail milk glass vase 
set in the sunniest window here in the farmhouse ~

there is just something about watching it come back to life
with all the hopes & promises of Spring.

After the yellow blooms fade, they will be ready to be planted again, 
~ having been in the warm sun and water, 
they will have nice roots shooting from their bottoms ;)
I will also do the same with our black pussywillows 
when these have passed on ~ 

Previously I had mentioned that I started a new sheep rug, "Tombstone Sheep' ~
and of course I pulled out every last loop and re-hooked it. 

I am still not happy with the eye, but it will stay until the rest of the body is hooked.

and little Katrina Whiskertwitch's head & fish is done, {almost}
now on to her dress, and the rest of her!

Rain is in the forecast for us for the next 4 or-so days, 
and the pinched nerve in my back is letting me know all about that ~
so, while my butt is on the heating pad,
my hands will be busy!
Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


  1. Forsythia is such a beautiful spot of color in a winter landscape. And pussy willows always make me smile! I didn't know that the faded blooms have roots!

    Your new projects are really shaping up...sorry to hear of your back issues, Lori, but isn't it nice that you can still carry on productively! So...carry on and stitch on! :)

  2. They are surely the sign of Spring....your projects are so nice....looking forward to seeing them come to life.

  3. So sorry about your back nice idea with the forsythia I do that a bit later in the spring for me. we have about 16 inches of snow so just to get to the plant would take more work than I want to do.
    Love your pieces.

  4. Aches & pains are no fun ....but they don't seem to slow you down !!! Your Lamb & Kitty are looking great !!! I am so looking forward to warmer weather !!!

  5. Sweet the fish.
    Take care of yourself..Please.
    Glad to see you bring in things to force also..mine is usually from the apple tree.

  6. Oh you crack me up. Hope you find relief for your back. Ms. Whitchtwitch looks intriguing ~ will be curious to see more of her. And I love forsythia, as you said promise of spring (& color!)

  7. Ur sheep is coming to life!!!
    Love it,,,
    Always busy, busy,,, hope ur back gets better soon,,,
    Kitty sweet, too love this punched family!
    Wow,,, did u say spring,, wish, wish,,, too much snow here,,,, but more snow coming this weekend,,, oh well, only February, ,,,,
    Have good weekend,,,,

  8. Joints on me is alerting me of the weather change too. Great idea about the forsythia, you've inspired me to do the same....thanks.

    So nice to see that someone else reverse hooks and questions their initial choices of wool. But sometimes we just don't know our idea will work until we try it. Still looking forward to your sheep coming to life.


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