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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

~ 'Round the Bend...Again ~

Have any of you seen this?

I saw this book online and thought, 'how interesting a title' ~
 then realized it was from Dottie Angel {someone I want to be when I grow up}.
I love everything about this. the book. the look. the COLOR.
yes I want to crochet, um...everything.
and wear aprons and boots whilst doing so!

how refreshing!

I have been perusing Pinterest for inspiration 
and came across these photos of how I would love my old Farmhouse to look {someday}
think: Vintage Farmhouse mixed in with a little bit of Granny Chic!!
soft & pretty

yes! purple!!!!!

i would wear them all ~

even a little Bohemian :)

plates, plate rack, cups: yes...little lights? not-so-much.

definitely please.

comfy & cozy

that shelf!

yes!!! wallpaper!

I woud love a cup of tea at this table...

how could you not wake up happy & content with these hues to greet you?

eclectic and wonderful ~
 yes, yes...
some of you will see what I'm talking about ~
and some will think I've gone 'round the bend again...
and it's all ok!
gotta do what makes me happiest and keeps my creativity fresh, right?

Wishing you all the courage to follow your heart.
no matter where it leads, you'll be happiest ~

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


Kathleen Bailey said...

Although I love and prefer the primitive look, you are right that we should embrace whatever style we love and run with it! Have a lovely day♡♡

NMK said...

So pretty....makes me think of going to a beach cottage in Maine or to my Grandmothers house...just warm & cozy ....

1890* said...

LOVELY inspiration, I ordered wallpaper last week after vowing to never do wallpaper again, i plan to do a few wall (not all) in a bathroom that is destined to become a French Granny Vintage Oasis- now i am on a vintage bark cloth hunt for a tub curtain XXOO Thanks for more inspiration Lori!

Vicki Obenhaus said...

Wonderful! Beautiful! And you are on your way!

debbie haggard said...

LOVE this look. in other magazines and books i've seen, this look is sometimes called 'Cottage Chic'. Warm and cozy and comfy!

lynda said...

I love your house as it is! Just add a few things here and there...houses are always evolving.

Anonymous said...

You're an artist, Lori. Change and color and new perspective are what you do! You know what? I remember staying at my grandma's house on the coast, six blocks from the ocean. I still can smell the salt air that blew through the storm windows upstairs as I lay in her big feather tick bed at night. And I can almost smell the rooms in those pictures, too, you know? So warm, so familiar, so welcoming. So family.

Jane said...

I think this look should be called "Country Comfy"! Love all the colors!

Chrie said...


Barbara said...

Oh YES....love it all

Gisela Suski said...

It must be someone living in Northern Europe. Love it the bedroom is stunning. I would be very comfortable there.

Cheryl Reeves said...

Its all beautiful. I aspire to have your farmhouse look..it's warm and lively and so cozy to me.

Debra said...

Lori, you would love my sewing room! Last year I changed the decor from prim to cottage, simply using rosy storage boxes from Michael's, and various pieces of rose-pattern china. One of my favorite pieces is a victorian-style hurricane lamp with roses on the glass shade. It is such a pleasant place in which to sew and create.

The Eveningstitcher said...

Those rooms are beautiful, but I'm more into the farmhouse look. I have too much primitive furniture, however, to change. I can't wait to see how your house has evolved into this...I think the primitive look is on it's way out...people want color and cheerfulness now...

Janice Hebert said...

I waffle between a primitive style and a country cottage style. I've often said that primitive can be dark and dreary but I am drawn to a lighter primitive look. Does that make sense? Not so primitive that I can't sit in the furniture. Or that depresses me. So, I have decided that our little lakefront camp that we share with my sister and her family will be decorated in a cottage style! Then I can have the best of both worlds! Luckily, my sister is okay with that, haha.


Robin Hager said...

May I please move in today? I LOVE THIS!!! Thanks for sharing this. It's just lovely.

Witch of Stitches said...


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