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Friday, December 22, 2017

~ Friday Musings ~

Oh Iggy ~
so handsome and photogenic
... and a little nuts.

 chilly mornings = no legs out to risk getting cold.
they are all tucked under that fat...I mean fluff.

you wanna rub my belly?
 cold and quiet mornings = stitching by the woodstove while the house is sleepy and calm.
~ I'm working on an embroidery of a Jenny Wren-girl. a dress.

I have always loved anthropomorphic characters,
and have many i my imagination that I'd like to bring to life with needle and thread...

I see you!
 her dress will be blue, as it is her favorite color {she tells me}
but it will be embellished with tiny flowers and leaves as well.

 After I'm finished with her, 
I'll be stitching on her beau ~ Cock Robin {Robin Redbreast}
from the Mother Goose storybook of the same ~ here is the beginning of their sweet story:
"It was a merry time,
When Jenny Wren was young,
So neatly as she dressed,
And so sweetly as she sung.
Robin Redbreast lost his heart,
He was a gallant bird;
He doffed his hat to Jenny,
And thus to her he said:
"My dearest Jenny Wren,
If you will but be mine,
You shall dine on cherry pie
And drink nice currant wine.
"I'll dress you like a goldfinch,
Or like a peacock gay:
So, if you'll have me, Jenny,
Let its appoint the day.''
Jenny blushed behind her fan,
And thus declared her mind
"Then let it be to-morrow, Bob
I take your offer kind..."
-Mother Goose (The Marriage of Cock Robin to Jenny Wren)

and, more on this work to come

In the meanwhile,
Hannah will be home for Christmas soon ~ 
and I have been getting the farmhouse ready for our simple and peaceful celebrating...

I moved our tree to the same place it was last year, 
as I didn't like it blocking out the sunshine in our keeping room...

On the mantle ~ simple decorations of greenery and lights
 in my very favorite vase that Hannah gave me last Christmas...

another view of the tree...

I have a little more shopping to do,
presents to wrap
cookies to bake
and final touches on the farmhouse....

our shop will be OPEN 
tomorrow, Saturday December 23rd
10:00 - 3:00

Wishing you everything Merry & Bright!
Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori

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