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Sunday, October 1, 2017

~ The 10th Month ~

 It's here.....


finally, my most-favorite month is upon us.
from beginning to end it is a joy-filled month ~

Beginning with our wedding anniversary on the 3rd, this marks our 30th year...

then on to decorating & cozy-ing up this old farmhouse 
with beloved things that have been resting all year.

although this month brings lots of changes, it keeps well our dear routines 
such as dyeing wool in the old cauldron out front of our shop and putting the herb gardens to sleep.

and of course, 
the very last day....
All Hallows Eve • Samhain • Hallowe'en
 Old Hallow's Eve 

~ however your heart wants it to be named,
a night of remembrance of our ancestors 
who have passed to the Summerland and wait for us ~

One of the changes I mentioned above, is ~
I will no longer be offering my wares at Early Work Mercantile.

I'll be offering them here on this blog, on a separate page titled 
you will find that link up above, under my Etsy shop thumbnail photos.

My dear friend Joan will be offering goods as well ~
we will be gleaning our antiques collections, downsizing our abundance of good-things,
and throwing in a smattering of our finished rug hookings, appliques, dolls, needlework, etc.

We will begin this venture in November, with a nod to Christmas Past ~
and will continue to update that page each month following
{{ with an announcement of the updates of course here and on FB. }}

We're looking forward with excitement to offer you wonderful things!

May your October be filled with starry skies, 
~ candy corn & pumpkin-spice everything...
Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori


  1. Sounds eonderful. I do wish I lived closer just to be able to stop by.

  2. Happy October!!! I think it grand that you and Joan are working in tandem in offering your artistic pieces and collected objects d'arts!! And Happy Anniversary to you and Peter. DH and I will have been married for 34 years come this February. It's something to treasure, isn't it...

  3. What a great plan to sell on your blog with Joan! And October is just the very best month!

  4. Hi Lori! I love your posts but have a problem. I don't get them until midnight of the day you posted. Therefore many of the goodies are long gone before I know about any sale. Is there a way to adjust this? Thanks!

  5. Looking forward to your wares! Great idea! Just love your work, and Miss Joan seems like such a lovely lady with many talents as well!

  6. Oh boy I know you and Mzz Joan have lots of special treasures to tempt us with !!!

  7. Happy October Lori. I just love it too. Can't wait to see your offerings. Wishing you and Peter a very Happy Anniversary. My hubby and I just celebrated our 36th on September 5th.

  8. Happy october!
    Love sept and oct,, my favorites!!
    Thats exciting for u and joan!
    Wish I lived closer,,,,
    Have a great day!
    Thanks for sharing ,,,
    Hope yr heel feels better,,,,

  9. Happy Anniversary to you & Peter! I wish you & Joan I fun time on your new adventure.

  10. I too don't get your posts until the next day. I must figure out a way to remember to check before I get the post. Excited for the new adventure you and Joan are going on. You both have lovely things and are so talented. I just got my walking cast today. Happy girl. My armpits can't take it. It's a wonderful freedom after 4 weeks of crutches. Hope you get one soon too.


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