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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

~ The Pig is Flying!! ~

 Finally ~
 finished with my hooked rug model for
'When Pigs Fly'

and I have to say, this was a fun hook!

from choosing just the right wools, to using a combination of cuts {#7 - #8.5} 
and pulling loops every evening ~
I have loved every minute of working on & hooking this :)

The first loop on this rug was pulled at Sauder Rug Hooking Week,
and I just put the last stitch in the binding this evening.

I love that feeling when a rug is done!

oh how I love to design 'primsical' rugs...
{ok, cross stitch, punch needle, etc.} and this is no exception to that rule ~

remember the background wool? 
it is called 'Chocolate Bark Sparkle' from Tow Old Crows in NJ ~
and I did worm-in a bit of black wool to offset the *sparkle* of gold in the Chocolate Bark...

I re-hooked the pig and the broom a couple of times 
but I am super happy with it now!

{ the smirk on that pig's face makes me chuckle } 

The pattern for When Pigs Fly will be available in paper form and on linen here at the show this weekend, and will also be listed in our Etsy shop next week, available as a PDf pattern too ~

I hope you like it ~
 ...on to the next! 

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


Blaine said...

It is wonderful! See you Saturday 😀

Saundra said...

Are you kidding???? I LOVE it. SO happy you are offering it as a PDF so I can draw my own. UH....there is still the Lancaster Barnyard PDF which I've yet to tape together. Maybe this winter I'll catch up on all the wonderful Lori designs.

Muttsie said...

It really is primsical! It's adorable Lori!

Anonymous said...

Darling, mischievous little piggy...Hope the Witch-in-Blue catches up to him and gets her broom back! Methinks the broom is a bit mischievous, too! ;). What are the dimensions, Lori (you've probably said, but...)?
Your creations are enticing me to pick up my rug hook again...

Rugs and Pugs said...

Fun rug!

Laurie said...

It's wonderful. I am a newbie, still working on my first rug that I started 12+ years ago. I am almost finished! I met with a local group of rug hookers last week for the first time, and when I looked to see what everyone was working on, one of the ladies was punch hooking "When Pigs Fly" :o)

marly said...

So cool! Love those colors and the night sky sparkle.

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,, just adore ur designs,,,,
Still going to order the punch version, ,, but love this, too!!
Whats a girl to do!
I have lancaster barnyard on the go, but have not done eldas flowers yet ,,,
Like saundra said,, winter is coming,,
You sure are busy!!
Have a great weekend,
Will be watching for fun pics!
Take care,,

Three Sheep Studio said...

That Mr. Moon has caught my eye.
Wonderful finish !

Cathy G. said...

Wonderful whimsical design that only you do so well Lori!! I can see where this would be so fun to hook! The color possibilities would be endless!!!! Love it!!!
Cathy G

Krissy B. said...

Love the background of this. You are so great with color.

Karen Budnick said...

How creative you are - no "same old Halloween" designs for you! Love it - in the same way your whale-riding witch was delightful!

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