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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

~ Inspiration from the Farm ~

Joan & I have been hooking our large-cut jarrahdale pumpkins
{well, they are torn strips actually...ok, torn & hand-cut.}
Our 1-inch-plus strips were torn first,  then cut in half, 
so I really don't even know what width they are
...just all different!

I drew them out for us on linen, they are approx. 15" across. 
Joan's is almost all hooked and I'll see hers Saturday when she comes out to the shop.
this is mine, all hooked and ready to be 'finish-finished' ~ below.
not sure if it will be a pillow, or mounted onto board, or.....who knows.
~ we'll see.

After seeing one being hooked at the Sauder show last month, 
this was our inspiration:

I chose beautiful wools from The Wool Studio 
{thank you Rebecca and family!} 

you can see the textures in the photo here ~


I save pumpkin stems each year for projects such as this ~
I chose this one, and Joan has her choice from my stash...

we'll show them to you side-by-side soon, after they are completely finished :)

Next, I want to hook a 3 dimensional a round one.
I'll have to figure that one out ~ but I think I can ;) 

 here are a few gorgeous photos from my Pinterest boards
to perhaps inspire you to hook a pumpkin too!

Wishing you all a wonderful late-Summer day 
filled with Nature's inspiration and profound creativity!


Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


  1. Your hooked pumpkin is adorable, Lori, and those colors are gorgeous! What a great idea to save the stems...hmmmm...mind is working, here...
    Ever since I was a child, I have loved pumpkins...and still do! In fact, when my husband wanted to know what I would like for my birthday (besides the red shoes), I said I'd like to go on a pumpkin spree! Place them all in my gardens and a few in my house. What a wonderful way to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox! Happy Hooking and I can't wait to see your and Joan's hooked pumpkins, side by side...the way friends should be. :):):)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You have totally inspired me with saving the pumpkin stems! I will be doing that for sure. Beautiful color on your pumpkin. I realized just this weekend that I love pumpkins as I reviewed the photos I had taken over the weekend at Willow Pond Farm in Maine and Coggleshall Farm in Rhode Island. So I have started a hashtag of my pumpkin photos on Instagram. Don't they just make you happy? Thanks for sharing!

  4. pumpkins are the best! and your little green one is, love, love hooking with different widths of wool...thank you for a pumpkin filled post my friend...

  5. Lovely Lori. Great stem. Hoping to finish binding mine this week. I have been busy since Sauder.

  6. Just Love your pumpkin & neat stem !!!! All your photos are wonderful too !!!! So pretty !!!

  7. LOVE!!! I enjoy making my velvet pumpkins each year - love the variety of colors, shapes and sizes! *sigh* Autumn is almost here!!! <3
    Blessings, Patti

    Yours is the perfect color !

  9. The colors in that pumpkin are gorgeous, gotta show this to Dorrie!

  10. loved all the pumpkin photos ! I love the grey green ones and the white ones - I love them ALL ! I'm so ready for fall this year and so ready for hurricane season to be gone. Loved seeing the hooked pumpkin in the wide strips. cheers Mel

  11. Looking forward to seeing yours and Joan's side by side :)

  12. Lori,,,
    Adorable pumpkin! Love seeing them all,,,, love the textures in ur hooked one,,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,, you are one busy lady!!

  13. Awe I'm loving the fun way you took this project on. Hooking cut/torn, cuts like our ancestors did 😊 The colour of your pumpkin is amazing I have always wanted to order from her, her wools are such scrumptious hues. Can't wait to see both pumpkins side by side

  14. Hi , I don´t know how to hook but I made some fabric pupkins and love them and so do my friends too and I give some away.
    Louise D


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