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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

~ Sauder Village Rug Hooking Week ~

 We are home.
we are exhausted ~
 and we are so very thrilled to have been a small part of 
Sauder Village Rug Hooking Week
 in Archbold Ohio!!

I didn't have much time to take many photos of the actual show and vendors, 
{ thanks to our friends & customers we were quite busy in the booth!}
but here are some for you ~

Upon entering the door, 
you were greeted by sweet Debra Smith from Rug Hooking Magazine, 
and her helpers ~ one of whom was our friend Nancy Parcels...

taking a right into the exhibit room, 
you were stunned with this wonderful sight:

with the exhibit featuring:
 "R is for Rug Hooking", Celebrations rugs, "Men Only" and "Man Made"  

there was so much excitement there 
... that the air felt like it was crackling!!!

beautiful finishes, unique mixed mediums ~

 and let us not forget the vendors!
{I do apologize to all vendors for not being able to take a few snaps of your booths}
but here is a link list of ALL vendors for your shopping pleasure:

Ali Strebel Designs for Kindred Spirits
Ali Strebel, Dayton, Ohio

Bee Line Art Tools
Stephanie McCammon, Bettendorf, Iowa

Dorr Mill Store
Terry Dorr, Guild, New Hampshire

I Love Rug Hooking / Lakeside Oaks 
 Shelley Lencioni, Auburn, California

Let Nola Do It
Nola Heidbreder, St. Louis, Missouri

Mason’s Mercantile 
 Janet Mason, Dunkirk, Ohio

Rug Hooking Magazine
Debra Smith, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Searsport Rug Hooking
Christine Sherman & Julie Mattison, Verona Island, Maine

The Oxford Company
Amy Oxford, Cornwall, Vermont

The Paisley Studio & Thimblefolk
Sarah McNamara & Barb McNamara, Greenport, New York &

The Wool Studio
Rebecca Erb, Reading, Pennsylvania

Two Old Crows
Jeannine Happe, Blairstown, NJ

W. Cushing & Company
Lisanne & Ron Miller, Wells, Maine

Two Old Crows

Searsport Rug Hooking

Lisanne Miller
Lisanne's Tower of Wool!!!!

Lisanne Miller's booth next to Two Old Crows booth
And here are a few snaps of our booth ~ Peter made the chicken wire screens especially for this show, and we do thank you all for the compliments on how our booth looked 'farm-y' & 'home-y'

aside from Joan & I being vendors at this wonderful event,
I was blessed with the opportunity to teach a class on Friday as well ~
look at my beautiful students!
{one was late for this pic}

 I am not a 'formal' teacher, by any means.
I try not to have "rules" when I teach ~ preferring instead to call them 'gentle guidlines'
 as I want my classes to be enjoyable & fun....
and I hope to share with my students a some-what different view on things.

chatting and creating together...
what could be better?

my readers will know how much I enjoy taking photos of women's hands as they are creating...
such beauty in the way we hold our implements and tools ~
and such reverence in the way we hold our hands, 
... young or old.

we, as women should never be ashamed of our hands...
age spots, scars, knuckles ~ short nails, hang nails & warts even!!!
they are part of us and our journey of life.

 Women's hands
are strong enough to weld iron and protect us and our loved ones if need be...
but instantly can be gentle enough to soothe a fevered child's brow or injured kitten.

I would like to express heartfelt thanks to:

~ Kathy Wright and all of the helpers at Sauder Rug Hooking Week ~ 
for inviting us and giving us the opportunity to be a small part of such a fabulous event.

~ All of our customers and friends who continue to support & encourage us 
in what we love to do most.

~ My soulmate & hubby Peter for weeks & weeks of preparation, 
lots of hard work and cold pizza for dinner ~ you hold my heart.

~ Chris, our right & left hands here on the farm: 
without your help with absolutely everything and seemingly never-ending patience with us
we would be a complete mess.

A special Thanks to my dearest friend Joan, 
who, without her by my side and keeping me on my path I would surely fly away.

photo courtesy of Connie Fletcher/Seven Gables Designs ~ taken during my class at Sauder Village.

and now we are focusing all of our attention
on our own little show here on the farm on September 16th!
 come see us!!!

I will be listing all of our vendors soon!

Blessings from the Farm
~ Lori


  1. Lori, I love to look at women's hands also. I would love to have had a picture of my mother's hands. She passed away when I was 13. But I remember watching them as she worked. I have wanted to do a rug of four generations of women's hands. I use to love watching my grandmothers hands while she worked. She would chop cabbage by the dishpans full for kraut,pat out bisquits and even chop wood for her cook stove. There was such strength in those hands. Then in the evenings to watch her darn a sock or mend a piece of clothing.

  2. Oh, Lori! Welcome home! What a wonderful week you had...such wool creations, everywhere, and your booth looked marvelous! I, too, would like to comment on hands. When I used to teach, one of my creative writing assignments was for my students to choose a person, or even a person type, and simply describe their hands in such a way as to reveal the person. It would be so quiet as they thought and wrote...and their writings astounded me...and touched them.

  3. Your week just sounds amazing ...all the gorgeous rugs .... all the vendors with their wonderful items .... all the lucky people who were there to see everything !!! I am jealous !!! I know I wouldn't be able to sleep , my head would be spinning , like a child in a toy shop !!!
    Your wonderful comments on hands , brings back memories of watching my Grand Mother and my Mother sewing .... I loved to sit and watch them for hours. I wear my Mother's wedding ring now and always see her wrinkles & can picture them all dirt under her nails from stripping antiques to making beautiful theorem paintings. All the while her ring sparkled and made me feel special . Their hands made beautiful things I will treasure forever. Now I watch my little Grand daughters hands try to learn to write letters....pudgy little fingers working so hard to follow the lines. Hands ... they are amazing .....

  4. When my mother was on her journey with Alzheimer's, I took several pictures of her hands. I took one with my hand next to her's and one with my mother's hand, my hand and my daughter's hand in a group. So many memories.
    Great pics from what looks like a fun time!

  5. Welcome home, enjoying all the pictures and know you had a great week.
    I love a picture of my Mom and her brothers hands when he was in a nursing home, so tender, such sweetness in those aged hands.
    I was overwhelmed with the enormous amount of talent and rugs that Ali Strebel shared, there was a cute pix of you at your booth even.

  6. Your booth was wonderful. So many great items.
    Good to see you!
    Hugs :)

  7. Sounded like a fantastic week, lori!!
    But good to be home !!
    Love seeing the hands!!
    Was looking at mine the other day,, thinking they now look like my moms did!! Age spots, etc!!
    Take care,
    Thank you for sharing ur pics and stories!!

  8. Glad you're home safe !
    Looks like a basketful of fun memories.
    Great booth set up ! Love your thoughts on 'hands'.


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