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Friday, May 12, 2017

~ Just Sayin' ~

it has been a whirlwind of a week.
well, past two weeks matter-of-factly ~
and it surely has been an especially rough couple of days...

knowing Joan and 'her' Arthur has been a blessing to Peter & I
...such kind people, funny and loving ~
so true to themselves and each other...refreshingly honest and polite and...
oh I could go on & on.
I love them both dearly.

Heartfelt and Deep Gratitude for everyone's prayers, 
comforting words and well-wishes for Arthur while he was fighting his last battle, 
and more recently for the multitude of condolences and prayers of strength for Joan.

More of you have asked for Joan's address, 
and again I must say if you'd like to send a card please send it to us here at the farm.
~ we make sure to give her {them} every. single. one.
Their living room mantel is full of beautiful get-well cards from recent weeks, 
... and I'm sure she will be receiving many more cards in sympathy and love.
so please send to:
Notforgotten Farm
c/o Joan
3530 Tye River Road
Amherst, VA 24521

 I have decided to take the weekend off.
my brain is tired from thinking. my eyes hurt from crying, my nose sore from blowing,
and of course...
my heart is broken in half.

I want to sleep and not dream, 
and I would love to not wake up at 3am with crazy thoughts
racing through my mind.

so the Farm Shop will be
C L O S E D Saturday May 13th.

 I must apologize for any delay in shipping orders out this past week.
I really tried to process all of them and get them all shipped.
I honestly, truthfully tried.
but my heart wouldn't let me work,
 and I needed to be by my best forever friend's side.

.... thank you for understanding and not being angry with me.
I will begin fresh and new on Monday.
I promise.

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori


elaine allerton said...

Lori,,, thinking of you all and your bst friends!! So sad!!
Will get a card out,,,,
Thinking of you this weekend and bless you for being there for joan and arthur!!
Have a restful weekend and happy moms day, too!!

Susan said...

NO need to apologize...you are a true and wonderful friend. Blessed be.

Anonymous said...

Of course. xxxxxooooo

Anonymous said...

Warm hugs. Take care. ~C

twoives said...

Lori, I cannot read what you have written against the background unless I select it to copy. Just thought you would want to know.


woollabeast said...

Thinking of you all ...especially dear, sweet Joan & you Lori... the "girls" who trudge through life {together} with creative joy, adventures, love, laughter, tears, hugs, support, caring, heartaches & more ~~ how we could ever live w/o our *besties*.

You need this time to curl up in the "fog of it all" ... with quiet, sweet memories to hold you both. Sending my love (and) "girl hugs"! ~~Diane

NMK said...

Take care .....my thoughts and prayers are with you , your family & Joan & her family .... We need to slow down & appreciate all the special people in our lives , for life can be too short .

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