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Monday, May 22, 2017

~ Down the Tube ~

Good Monday to You ~
 Friends & Folk

I am almost finished with another new cross stitch design, 
called  ~ 'Huswifery'.

I charted it a year or so back, started it and then stopped working on it.
It was calling out to me last evening
as I was walking past my basket of
UFO's ....

I have so many that need finishing.
but, I follow my muse wherever she lands me and that is just the way it is.

pretty colors and a sweet verse 
make for a simple yet charming little stitchling.

oh! I almost forgot....
I have been added to the list of fellow

I'll be working on new videos soon 
but for now if you'd like to subscribe to my channel, the link is:
~ and don't forget to check out #flosstube on Instagram too!

 Off to the PO today, and tomorrow, 
... and most likely Wednesday too...
{ thank you kindly for your continued support of what we love to do }

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori


Kimberly said...

Lovely hand work. Enjoy your day & those puppies! My Best, Kimberly

Anonymous said...

Am loving those colors and the use of the archaic term..."Huswifery!" Your Muse is ever busy, dear Lori!

Lisa K said...

Lori....I am so excited to hear you are on flosstube!!! I have been addicted for the past year and just over the past couple weeks have seen a few designers....Hands on Design and Hands Across the Sea!! I cannot wait to watch!! I just love all your prim designs and just saw on PSS facebook that you will be at the next retreat in LAncaster!!!! COOOOOOOOOOL!! I am hoping to go--I live in central New York State and so it isn't all that far! Lisa K

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Reply: to Lisa K: I will be teaching at the 2018 PSS retreat in Lancaster too :) so happy to be loved!!

Sandi Theiner said...

Thank you for the lovely visit at the farm Lori and Peter, donkeys, puppies and everyone else. A treasured trip always to be remembered. Cookies and magical herb brewed water to cast a spell for me to buy, buy, buy threads, linen patterns and do dads. Thanks for the hospitality and hugs.

Winnie Nielsen said...

I always enjoy seeing your farm as well as your latest projects. The sampler colors are beautiful and rich. I like the pattern as well! Hope you all have a dry and lovely Memorial Day weekend!

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