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Friday, April 7, 2017

~ A Tisket ~ A Tasket ~

 what's in YOUR workbasket?

As I constantly flit from one medium to the next ~
 I {really do} try to keep all of my supplies corralled  
where they will be easily accessible for me to grab & go...

Since I've been stitching this week, 
I'm once again using my beloved sewing basket 
that I purchased from Joann's a few years back.

I wasn't a fan of it at first, but it was the only one with a 'less-cutesy' design on it...
so I bought it, stained it inside and out 
with my black walnut/spice dye ~ and filled 'er up!

I have two favorite stitching chairs, 
one you saw in my sewing room in yesterday's posting,
 and the one below ~ is in the back of our Keeping Room...

I follow the sun around this old farmhouse like the cat :) 

of course I also had to personalize my sewing basket
with a small freehand stitched sampler on the lid...
~ and added favorite charms, keys and such. 
no mistaking it for someone else's now ~ ha!

a little charm that is of two ducks in a basket.
~ just too cute. 

the inside is a working-mess, 
because I am constantly rooting through it for my threads & such.
...but, I did decorate the inside of the lid too ~

old tin type photos, bits of lace...
the removable tray holds ...well, everything.
a mini-OTT light, rulers, pencils & pens ~ 
well-used beeswax and needle-minders {magnets} in an old tin tart pan that not only holds the magnet for stray needles but acts as a portable snippet/ort container too!

under the tray, in the actual basket are linens & cloths ~
my favorite little wooden hoops...a notebook {or three} 
~ and paper charts waiting to be stitched.

someone gifted me with these beautiful counting-pins a long time ago...
I love looking at them and using them...
... the mother of pearl bird is another magentic needle-minder I made.

The tin type is one of a woman holding her sampler in progress!
I was SO excited when I realized what she was holding upon closer inspection ~ 
...and yes, she now 'lives' in my sewing basket :)

As I attend quite a few events throughout the year, I stitched a name tag. 
it stays put until needed....

so, what's in your basket? I would love to see!!
join me in sharing your photos on your own blog if you'd like to
 {{...you can link back to me too if you want ;) }}

 I stitched by candlelight last night when the power went off....
what a peaceful feeling that was ~
almost like it was long long ago 
and I envisioned the farm wives who lived here before me doing the same thing.

more progress made on my freehand cross stitch sampler...
goat is finished, urn stems & some leaves are too ~

now on to the little bird.

when the power came back on,
 it jolted me back to reality
and the 'happening's of modern times here in our country...

please keep positive thoughts for everyone...

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori


Kathleen Bailey said...

I love your sewing basket and it has inspired me to hunt for one and make it my own. I saw another great idea somewhere yesterday where someone had found an old small suitcase and made it into a carrying case for her wool stripper. I loved that idea as well. Too bad I have to work today because I would love to be stitching or hooking.

Vicki Jo said...

Thanks so much for the sewing basket tour! It looks like a beloved friend. I remember when you got it -- you have certainly made it your own! I need to gather my tools and decide how to best store them. Thanks for the inspiration!

The Eveningstitcher said...

Thank you for such a lovely and inspiring post, Lori! It's exactly what I needed today! Love your sewing basket and how you personalized it with so many special sentiments....Have a wonderful day and enjoy your stitching!

Anonymous said...

I am reading a book about the Bronte sisters...their lives through 9 objects which once belonged to them. How strange that just yesterday I was reading about their work boxes. It got me to thinking about a work caddy I'd like to have, but also...I have just purchased a turn-of-the-century writing slope, an antique traveling inkwell, and want to "dress it out" with old and antique writing implements...

I love the finished goat! And your work basket reflects you! So varied, individual, and practical. Happy Friday, Lori!

NMK said...

Love your sewing box with all it's special treasures ..... I just use boxes & baskets, & more boxes & have to search thru them all to find what I need ! Then I have an old cutlery tray that holds my Mother's & Grandmother's special sewing things. It's like going thru a jewelry box touching them & remembering watching them sew as I was a little girl ....special ,fond memories

Winnie Nielsen said...

I love your creative fix to your sewing box! Now it is all fixed up with lots of personal touches and looks very personal and well used. I do love that free hand cross stitch sampler too. It is a beauty

gracie said...

I have a few "sewing baskets"... they are so comforting to use and to know they contain almost everything you can need at the moment. Always so nice to visit with you.

Janet said...

What an absolutely lovely post. I envy you your sewing basket. What lovely treasures. Thank you for sharing.

elaine allerton said...

What beauty u have in ur basket,,, I need one,,,, I have several plastic containers of , stuff,,,, but a special one would be better!
Will keep my eyes open,,,, thanks for the sewing basket tour!!
We had power off last night here, too,,,, I have a battery ott light,,,, love , love it,,,,
Always have it near by,,,, great flash light , too,,,,
Enjoy the weekend,,,,

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