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Sunday, March 5, 2017

~ Loopy Rug Hookers ~

Rug Hookers are all a bit Loopy
{I like to think!}

we take perfectly good fabric,
{{ ok, sometimes not so perfect }}
and cut it up into strips.
then we use tools to pull the strips through another fabric 
to make a mat or rug or other finished item.

loopy? how about 

whomever invented this beloved textile art, and I firmly call it an art ~
{and there are differing thoughts about where rug hooking actually hails from}
- should highly be praised.
or shot.
{ just kidding folks }

oh such an addiction I have to this tactile hobby of mine.
and I know I am in such good company!

I've recently posted my 'Lancaster Barnyard' design 
that I sketched up using motifs inspired by antique tin quilting templates,
had it drawn on my linen, color planned and was well on my way to hooking it....


after hooking the basket and the one bird ~
I threw it on the floor for a look and
did    not    like    it.

so I reverse-hooked it all....
pulling out all of those strips
{from the back Miss Nancy P. }
and decided to go with a lighter, more neutral palette ~
instead of the gold basket, I've chosen an abrash-dyed brown wool
and I love it;

makes me much happier,
{{ and you know there is nothing worse than an unhappy hooker. }}

I am such a wonky hooker though ~ 
but I accept the fact that my loops won't be perfect when hooking them....

becasue after I'm finished hooking an area,
I use my dear hubby's Loop Lifter to straighten and even-out my loops!
{ no it's not cheating, it's 'creatively adjusting'!! } 

if you look closely at the photo above, 
you'll be able to see where I have 'creatively adjusted' my loops, 
beginning at the top row of the basket 
{count down 8 rows on the right to where my Loop Lifter is}

you can clearly see in the photo above the height difference
between 'adjusted' rows and ones I haven't touched yet...

 the cool thing about this handy gizmo
is that the stainless tip is long enough to span into the loops of multiple rows,
helping along my loops to stand straight, shoulder-to-shoulder as they should

So, even if you aren't a 'perfect' hooker,
like some of my very best-friends,
you can still achieve a more 'even' look to your rugs, if you prefer ~
....just sayin'.

yesterday was a fun day in the shop ~ 
we hooked and chatted, and thanks to Miss Nancy B., we ate cake.
delicious scratch-made dark chocolate  cake with mocha icing.
.... toooo much cake.

{turned my back for a moment and this is what I found....a belated bday cake with purple balloons!}

we joked with Miss Nancy B. that the cake was so dark it looked like good garden dirt.
Miss Robin M. brought along a 'healthy' snack for us, with her being a nurse and all ~ 
she brought us a veggie platter with dip....

here's what was on their frames: 

Robin's version of my 'Quick as a Bunny' pattern ~

Joan was working on a sweet chairpad from Terri Leamer ~

Nancy B. was also working on my 'Quick as a Bunny' design ~

and Nancy P. was working on her beautiful sheep rug...
can't wait to see them all finished up!

I Almost Forgot!!!!!
tomorrow night is our 'First Monday' Open Hooking {punching, stitching...whatever}
We'll be OPEN here in the Farm Shop from 5:00 - 9:00
for those who would like to come on out for a nice evening of creating
Simple Sunday Pleasures:
Chicken & dumplings for supper ~ crock-pot is already going!
home-made bread too....
cake for dessert!

hoping you all have a beautifully creative day my friends ~

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori


Rachel said...

I've never done hooking but these beautiful pictures make me want to learn! The patterns are lovely, exactly what I'm drawn to.

Karen Budnick said...

Happy Birthday from Connecticut! I've been so busy knitting and spinning that I've neglected my hooking. You're an inspiration - thanks!

NMK said...

Wow that cake looks Delicious !!! Love everyone's hooking projects & your nifty loop lifter !!!!

elaine allerton said...

Looks like a perfect day was had by all! Love seeing all the pics of the day,,, great mats on the go,,, great food, great company, ,,, life is perfect,,,,,♥♥

Winnie Nielsen said...

Oh my, the cutest Easter and Spring designs are taking shape! Darling!!! that cake looks awesome too. Glad you had a fun gathering.

Lisa K said...

Oh my goodness...that cake looks like heaven!! Happy Birthday...love your blog...it's my "go to" on a daily basis!! Enjoy Lancaster, PA.....lived in the area for 3 yrs and loved it!! Lisa

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