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Friday, February 3, 2017

~ Inspiration Friday ~

I've decided to begin a new routine ~
and I'm hoping I can stick to it.
So, I thought;
each Friday, I'll share here what has inspired me throughout the week.
I'm sure not everything will be about needlework
 {but mostly...really who am I kidding?}

Mostly photos will be shared from Pinterest ~ 
my very favorite place to be in my head. 

I just love how all of those pins can be collected & shared by like-minded folks.
and I especially love sharing my own photos there for my followers on Pinterest too.

Most of you know me as a designer of primitive and/or whimsical needlework,
but I like to think of myself as something a little more.
I never want to be constrained into one description or another, 
so I call my varying interests 'eclectic' to say the least.

I am contemporary & I am old fashioned, 
... modern yet vintage.
 and I love color, and neutrality ~ 
textures and design.

I'm more complex than I am aware I guess...I think we all are perhaps....
and as I allow myself to think outside my comfortable perimeters
I find that I 
just. love. everything.
Life itself.

So, bear with me friends, as I explore more
and keep my thoughts and attitude positive and fresh. 

I'll not include wording or descriptions for the photos, 
~ but allow them to speak to you however they may.

Here is my very first post for Inspiration Friday:
{and yes Nancy D ~ I am quite smitten with the color Yellow}

Blessings from the Farm ~ 


pattyb said...

Oh me! Most fun I've had all day! I loved your comment about just. loving, everything! Loving life....we need so much more awareness of that, especially now with so much turmoil, fighting and general dismay! What a GREAT reminder to LOVE LIFE!!! Bless you for inspiring us with your thoughts and beautiful pictures!!!

blueladie said...

All I kept saying is wow... wow... wow! There aren't enough adjectives to describe the beauty you have created. :-o

Anonymous said...

WOWZA!!!!! Yes, my Dear, you really are smitten! Such a cheerful color! And…boy, do I love that "sprouting" hare! I'm going to like Inspiration Friday!

Krissy B. said...

This is something I will really look forward to. Pinterest helps keep me sane while living in the most boring place on earth. You bring so much pleasure to my life Lori. Thanks for sharing some more of yourself.

Karen said...

Lovely choices with a lovely color!
Karen in NC

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like yellow too! Love the piece still in the hoop! Brightened my day! (It is very cold, damp and gray, here today, I needed that wonderful brightness!!)
Thanks for sharing all the pretties!

NMK said...

That was Fun !!! Yellow is the perfect color for this time of year ! Bright & cheery !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi LORI, Today I found a pop-up card with a YELLOW flower I´ll send to an old quilting friend, 90+ to let her know I´m thinking of her after a tough winter.
I like yellow but I don´t wear that colour. 60 years back I made a lemon yellow dress and used it just once and just before lunch.
Probably we´ll have two more months of Winter but we can enjoy the SUN sometimes and that make the life much easier.
Louise in Sweden.

Janet said...

Thank you so much for sharing. Love it. My favorite is the wall collage-not sure if that is the proper word but that's what popped in my head. Yes, I love every style, primitive, seasonal, etc. that is why I NEED TO DOWN SIZE UP STUFF. Thank you again. I look forward to next Friday.

Bikegirl said...

I have just started reading your blog and I love what you create, it's sobeautiful! I also love the way you write your blog, it just seems so relaxing and soothing :)

I also love the picture of your cat Iggy.


denise said...


Ann at Beadlework. said...

What an inspiring blog post - yellow is such a happy colour.

Annmarie said...

Great posting and definitely inspiration. There are so many different types of stitching and don't you just appreciate them all. thanks for sharing ann

Debra said...

Bravo, Lori! Your post really spoke to me, as a person who loves prim but is also inspired by many other designs and techniques. I like to try everything, and there is so much to learn! I'm glad that I'm not alone, and I look forward to seeing your creations!

Sigrid Swinnen said...

Wow, there are some real pieces of art in this collection of inspiration!
Yellow makes me happy too, so I get why you like it :-)
Have a nice weekend,

Jimmie said...

Lord Love a Duck!!! I loved this post. Can't wait for the future Friday posts. Every single picture was really, really exciting.

Diane in North Carolina

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