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Thursday, January 19, 2017

~ Sunshine & Productivity ~

 Happy Thursday Friends & Folk!

oh we are having beautiful, sunny 
& temps-in-the-60's days here at the farm!
I've been enjoying my walks again, thankfully now that my 'crud' has moved along....

Roxy has been sunbathing as much as she can, too ~
 that thick black coat of hers acts like a solar blanket on her :)
{not reeeeally happy that she's decided to lay on my oregano though...*sigh*}

The linen that has been on backorder has finally arrived, and these sunny days are giving me opportunity to dye them & hang on the clothesline to dry in the sun & breeze ~

I'll be re-listing our hand dyed 32ct  & 30ct 'Old Farmhouse Linen' 
back in our Etsy shop this evening ~ 
for those folks who have purchasedand have not received due to the backorder,
 we will be shipping tomorrow for you... yay!!

can you believe our daffodils are sprouting already?
this makes my heart SO HAPPY 
I mean, how could it not do a soul good to see green again?

and as I was looking for more, 
I noticed our snowdrops coming up too ~
 can't wait to see/smell fresh spring flowers once again....
I think I'll head out to the market and pick up a few hyacinths for the kitchen ;)

My sewing room is a mess...
yeah, that's what I think I'll still refer to it as...
{{ the word 'studio' sounds too contrite for me }}

I am trying to organize the mountainous piles of fabrics & wools
 that I have seemingly ignored since before the holidays... 

Many totes are being filled with wools by color,
then will be put up on my industrial shelving safe from fading sunrays 
& any interloping crickets {lol} that may visit me again!

  while fabrics will be folded by color and set upon the white shelving {below}
so I can see it better... 

little by little
step by step
... progress is being made!!

hoping you all have a day filled with sunshine & contentment ~

Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Barbara said...

Cleaning up craft rooms aka studios is a never ending task. The clutter shows creativity and productivity. That's what I tell myself when I look at mine and gasp!

wenhkc said...

Nice to see that a professional crafter needs to tidy up once in a while! Crafting mags that show pristine sewing rooms and studios seem unrealistic to me...they are working spaces and mess is expected! Doing layer by layer archeological dig on my dining room table. Hurray! I can see the top of the table now! And many UFOs are now FOs.

Anonymous said...

I bet Roxy smells sooooo good. Annie

Anonymous said...

All looks craftily well, Lori…and don't I just love the sunshine!!!

Elaine said...

Soooo nice to see that someone else has a few little piles in their sewing room as well!

Vicki said...

Thank you for the beautiful images of linen and sunshine :)) Can't wait to begin stitching on mine when it arrives!

Janet said...

I've done the same sort of tidying job.....It's brutal isn't it....I've also been downsizing so I'm giving away/donating etc things I KNOW I won't be using in the near future ...That in itself is a exercise in commitment and letting go....Good luck with your re vamp 😊

elaine allerton said...

Wow! What a beautiful day!! Sure looks like spring there , in january!!! Not here,,, tho we have milder temps,,, love all ur pics of outside and inside! Good ur feeling better, ,,,,

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