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Friday, January 27, 2017

~ Joan's House Tour - Part 3 ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk!

it's been a while, but here is Part Three of
Miss Joan's House Tour!

Miss Mookie greets us as we enter...

hello Mook!
 This tour is of her upstairs hallway & bedroom...and this is at the top of the staircase...
the bench below was made by Arthur,  Joan's beloved and talented hubby ~

you can tell she loves to collect prim 'babies' 

Joan has a knack of layering and staging vignettes all over her home...
using her collections {and there are MANY!} of textiles, dolls and other needful things ~


 this wall rack/shelf is hung in her stairwell, 
across from the bench above....filled with treasures.

 Below is the view of the end of the hallway...
with one bedroom doorway to the right, and her sewing room doorway {out of sight}to the left.

{the Sewing Room tour will be coming soon, 
and I assure you, you have never seen anything like it before}

Joan is an accomplished Needlewoman in her own right...
she stitches, sews, hooks, punches...
she is quite the "arteest" too, painting and decorating are but a few of her skills...

here are just a few needlework samplers in her collection:
these are all antique/vintage.

as I've mentioned before, Arthur & Joan's home was once a Church Rectory...
and their antiques business is named Olde Rectory Antiques.
They sell their wares at Dukes' Antiques Mall in Lexington, VA '
and lots of you have met them at shows/events.

She collects drying/hanging racks and this one below is her most recent proze we found on an excusrsion to the Factory Antiques Mall in Verona, VA.
I can tell you that the upcoming tour of her Laundry Room will leave you a little breathless too.

Oh yes, I almost forgot... she collects antique/early doll quilts too!!
here are just a 'few' on said rack ~

 And here is their recently repainted Bedroom...
could you resist from jumping on that big brass bed?
 Joan's eye for decor, along with Art's craftsmanship have brought this old home to full glory....

 She has paired-down her collections quite a bit in this room, making it a little more quiet than her other rooms ~ but...
there are still beloved collections like the celluloid clocks below,

and a gathering of beautiful doorstops 
sweetly tucked into the fireplace...

those that have seen my previous posts of her other rooms,
 know very well that Joan LOVES hooked rugs! 
they are literally everywhere in this house and they only make it more cozy & comfy....

here is a great example of a large, folky runner in her bedroom:
I love it ~

Well, that's it for now...
if you'd like to re-visit Miss Joan's other rooms, click HERE and HERE :)

Have a beautiful day filled with everything you love most!!!
Blessings from the Farm ~


1890* said...

Oh such divine antique & Folkart collections displayed beautifully through out her gorgeous old home. I have really enjoyed the tours of Joan's home, this last one especially *Thanks so much for sharing XO

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks for taking us back to Joan's house!!! I spied an antique stuffed pug on her bench :) Looking forward to seeing more!

Silent Stitches said...

Thank you, Lori..and a special thank you to Joan for allowing you to share these photos with us. So beautiful!

Orange Sink said...

Just SPECTACULAR!! Love love Joan's home and her collections are the greatest! Thanks to you both for sharing with us!!
Cathy G

Anonymous said...

Please tell Joan how charming I think her house is…from its historical roots to every collection. I fell in love with her collection of doll quilts, in particular!!! Thank you for sharing the pics, Lori!

Saundra said...

Love all the rooms but especially that little nook at the top of the stairs. I saw a couple Nettie LaCroix dolls while perusing all 3 posts. I used to make them and don't own one myself right now. Might need to remedy that.

NMK said...

Wow ....she has so many beautiful treasures !!! It feels so comfy & cozy .....thank you for the tour ! I just love seeing all her neat collections , it is so interesting .

Debra said...

Joan's home is a perfect haven! It reminds me of the home of a dear friend, where I always feel at peace. I can't wait to see the sewing room, having just reorganized my own!

Mary A said...

I have been reading what others have said and I must agree that Joan's house is beautiful and a haven for the restless spirit! I love her end-of-hallway sitting area! I could spend a rainy afternoon tucked away there with my sewing to keep me company! It's amazing that her house hasn't been featured in one of the country decorating magazines. I can't wait for a look at her sewing room!

elaine allerton said...

Wow!! Thank you for posting and thank you art and joan for allowing us in ur home,,, what a beautiful , welcoming, cozy home,,,, had to go back to the other tours to see more! That cozy spot at top is sooo nice,,, we have a spot like that,, thats perfect!! Great inspiration, ,,, cant wait to see the sewing room,,,, thanks so much,,,,

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lori,
I can't seem to find anything new to add; seems it has all been said already, so beautifully!! But I just want to say "THANK YOU, to you and to Joan, for sharing her beautiful home with us!" I always look forward to my "visits" with both of you and am always inspired!!
Enjoy your weekend, and thanks again!
Heart Hugs~

Krissy B. said...

When Mark And I come visit I'd love to tour both of your homes. @ very creative women.

Anonymous said...

Lori I love these tours! Please thank Joan again for us. I can't wait for the upcoming areas of her home!!!!!!

Jennifer M

Nancy Turner said...

just saw the last one of joans house tour. makes me wish we had not downsized to a mobile home.love all of her rooms and her decorating is breathless.could you make a small drawing of the lay out of the rooms.so we can see where we are going. thanks so much for showing us and joan thank you for the peek into your home

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