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Sunday, January 8, 2017

~ Feathers & Thread Tales ~

Good Snowy Sunny Sunday Morning 
Friends & Folk!

after our recent, wonderful snowfall ~
we are having beautiful sunshine today
...albeit only in the 20's when we woke.

I love to see snow when it sparkles in the sunshine, don't you? 

Peter made a quick makeshift bird feeder from a trash can lid for our bird friends...
here are a few who visited this morning:

 Blue Jays & Grackles
Snow Buntings & Cardinals....

their antics crack me up! 
we put out peanuts in the shell, dried fruit, sunflower seeds and millet 
~ boy do they love us! 
{{ we had to take down the bird feeders for repair, hence the lid! }}


I've finished stitching the model for the 
Jan/Feb/Mar 2017 Little Stitches Handwork Club {LSHC}

a sweet girl with her pet bird...

... now I just need to 'finish' finish it!
I'll be shipping club kits this week to current members :)

I'm finishing up other projects for soon to be released patterns ~
punch needle has been in progress for weeks,
as my little punching-station is set up in our keeping room, 
which is next to our cozy woodstove...

I'm excited to show you the new designs!!
I hope you'll like them ~
 F O L K Y

of course I'll be including a few hearts into the mix,
along with more spring-like & everyday designs...

here are my recent stitches for the
1 Year of Stitches 2017 project ~

I am truly enjoying this...
and seeing everyone's progress as well!

I added a thread spool & needle :)

 Wishing you all a beautiful day 
... filled with peace & contentment!

Blessings from the Farm ~ 
Peter & Lori


Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts, Lori! Snow, birds, stitches…and you seem to be enjoying the color white! A peaceful and content color, it is…Enjoy your day today!

Sarah Marchuk said...

I love it too when the sun makes the snow sparkle or the moonlight as well. Your work is very nice. I want to learn how to do embroidery. Do you have any suggestions

NMK said...

Another pretty post & I Love your folky punch needle design !!! All your daily stitching is really neat too ! Wonder how it will look at the end of the year ! Freshly fallen snow is beautiful ! Just wish it stayed off the roads & my driveway !

acorn hollow said...

I love the stitching. but sadly I haven't stitched in years.

Annelein said...

What a lovely girl...

elaine allerton said...

Feels like winter now with ur snow!! Pretty! We have lots of snow, glad we shared!
Your new punch needle sweet!! And the spool is so wonderful,, enjoying ounching the home,,, that came in the new year!!
Lovely to read ur posts,,,,,

Winnie Nielsen said...

Virginia is so beautiful under a January snow and azure blue skies! There are not many big snows in Va winters and it is always a surprise to find a picture postcard landscape for a week or so.

Love your new inspirations for hearts in the works. Your colors are so lovely and rich.

Keep warm and enjoy the lovely Winter on the farm!

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