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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

~ Needle & Thread {and Linen, too} ~

 Good Morning 
~ Friends & Folk ~

we woke to raindrops on the tin roof this morning,
{{ a sound that always tells me that it will be a great day for handwork! }}
...most folks don't welcome the rain,
but I always do.
I'll even go for a walk in it after breakfast.
{one of my 'other' favorite things to do}

I've had this idea floating around in my head for a couple of days,
and this morning I put it to paper,
and linen...

If you are a regular reader,
you'll know I've been recently talking about my 'freehand' cross stitching...
well, this is going to be a pattern for that ~

I usually stitch them on muslin or other plain cloth,
but decided that I wanted a different look for this design.

So I searched through my stash 
and found a pretty cream/tan Buffalo plaid/check linen 
that I had 'waiting' for just the right project...
~ this is 28 count.

I begin by sketching a design in pencil on paper, 
~ then going over the sketch with a fine tip sharpie.
After that, I place my linen directly over the inked design 
and trace through onto the linen using same pencil.

Being that that linen is a light color, and a 28 count ~
it is easy to see the paper pattern through...
you may want to use a light box 
or sunlit window to transfer yours.

here's the fun part!
after tracing the penciled design onto the linen,
just begin stitching the design by 'eye-balling' your cross stitches ~

I prefer the continental-method of cross stitching, 
meaning all of my half-stitches will go to the right, before coming to the end of the row
where I will go back over and cross all of my previous stitches.


{{for photo purposes, I took my linen out of my hoop}}

my rows are not straight or even ~ some of my cross stitches are 2 x 3, 3 x 2, etc...
some are wide, others are short,
and I am not concerned with that at all....

I am purely stitching by happenstance
freedom to be me!

wherever my needle lands is where I'll make a stitch ~
why, yes.
unprofessional looking?
 you betcha, 
...and happily so.
but, when I am in the rhythm of stitching like this
it is so cathartic
so forgiving
that I can literally lose myself to daydreams 
and other household distractions that conventional
counted threadwork will not allow...

... will I complete this design using all of these tiny misshapen cross stitches?
I dunno, 
we'll see when we get there...

 I might add some other sundry embroidery stitches to her dress,
flowers and pet bird.
I love satin & straight stitch, eyelet and algerian too ~
perhaps a few french knots too. 
combining everything I love to do 
~ makes me a happy girl.

Happy Wife ~ Happy Life

So tell me,
what makes you happy these days??

Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Michi Ball / Prairie Prims said...

What makes me happy these days...is finally understanding I don't have to rush.....about anything. Early planning and the comfort of easy sweet steps...enjoying each one...getting through the day. I used to hurry worry through most days. Also enjoying nature as a daily walk.

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Dear Michi ~ I am in complete agreement with you ~ may 2017 be more gentle for all! Thank you for visiting my blog xoxox Lori

The Eveningstitcher said...

I love that you are stitching freehand.....I switched to a larger count linen, because trying to get my "x's" perfect on a small count, has taken the enjoyment and relaxation out of stitching. I used to embroider when I was younger..using the iron on transfers, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My eyes are getting older and it's harder to see those tiny little holes....so I think I just might give your free-hand stitching a try this week! Happy that you had such a wonderful Christmas holiday with you lovely daughter!! Peace and blessings to you, Lori!

hannabis said...

That's amazing, Lori! It's completely against my stitching idea of a perfect back but... what a freedom ! YES, it's cathartic! I would like to try! Happy time!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

It is so lovely...thoroughly enjoyed this post. One question??? What is the cloth wrapped around your hoop for... I can think of a few reasons, but not sure of any. Thanks for your sharing.
We had a quiet Christmas...so nice.
Wishing you & yours a Happy New Year with much Peace and Blessings for all, Barb

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Dear Barbara ~ thanks for visiting! the cloth that is wrapped around the inner ring of my hoop helps to make it tighter on my linen, since the hoop is non-adjustable :)
~ Lori

Winnie Nielsen said...

Wow, stitching free hand sounds difficult! Your pattern is really sweet and I hope it gets finished because I want to see what colors you choose and how it all looks in the end.

What makes me happy these days? Having my girls home this past Christmas weekend! Also, I am excited about a new year and I hope to do many new things and visit places that are on my list to see.

acorn hollow said...

we had rain this morning also but it froze on contact. The roads were as shiny as a newly waxed floor not good. I gave up cross stitch years ago maybe I would like the free hand.

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,,what a sweet start!! Great ideas!
Hooking, punching and health really make me happy,,,,
I have been sick over christmas,,, so hpe to be back to normal soon,,,,
We have cold temp, and snow, very good stitching weather!!!

susan hemann said...

love it!

Jackie said...

I love the rain too! When I was little, my mom told me that I could find the only mud puddle in a drought! I would come home soaking wet. But, oh what fun I had! I still love jumping in mud puddles with both feet.

So much makes me happy ~ the last stitch in a quilt, the last page of a good book, a beautiful sunset/sunrise, raindrops, quiet time, spending time with a good friend, my crazy cats, the wonder of each day, starting a new project, having such a blessed life ~

Martha Doe said...

Thanks for the pattern transfer tutorial, Lori. your walking after breakfast in the rain sound wonderful!

Hope you had a blessed Christmas and a healthy and successful new year!<3


NMK said...

What a neat way to make the pretty old hoop tighter to hold your fabric ! I have some neat old hoops & will try to remember that trick ! Love how you do free hand cross stitching ! With my old eyes I should be a pro at that !!!!

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