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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

~ Wednesday Morning Musings ~

 Good Morning Friends & Folk

44* this morning as I enjoyed my hot tea on the porch....
although it has cooled off tremendously, we still are enjoying bits of summertime around us ~
... like our huge banana tree, happy little fig tree and red tomatoes on the vine!

the black walnuts are dropping by the minute ~ they hit our tin barn roof and the sound echoes through our little 'holler' like gunshots ~ sending the peacock, chickens, guineas & ducks into alarm.
the donkey's are used to it now though...

can you believe it will be Hallowe'en in 5 short days?
heading to Ohio for the From our Hands show in 14 days!?!
where does the time go...

this time of year is tricky for choosing what to wear too ~
sweater in the morning, shorts by afternoon & sweatshirt by nightfall :)
but I'll take it rather than days upon days of heat & humidity,
... that just "plum" wears me out!

{love my little spooky jack below}


Peter wanted me to let you all know that FINALLY 
we will be offering more of our wonderful steel-shank Primitive Rug Hooks ~

I use mine constantly, 
love the shape of the hook and the fact that they are magnetized is awesome...

two, wool-covered magnets 
{one on the front of my work, the other underneath on the back}
hold my scissors & hook on my frame while I work...

We have the actual steel shanks made exclusively for us by a local machinist
~ who does a superb job at creating just the size & shape we want.

Peter & Chris lathe-turn the handles in our woodshop, 
from our farm-grown & home-milled trees 
then paint them in the color you'd like.

The red & blue handled ones you see below 
are brand-spanking new and have never pulled a loop....
 ~ you can tell they are shiny & sharp next to my 'honed' black hook.

the more you use one of our steel {or brass} primitive rug hooks,
the more 'mellow' it becomes...
their sharpness will dull a bit more, and the color of the metal 
will take on a glow from the oils on your hands and lanolin from the wools you work with. 

... as each metal shank & hand turned handle are made individually & each one by hand,
no two will ever be the exact same, although very very similar.

We will be adding them to our Etsy shop very soon,
along with our new Winter/Holiday needlework patterns & thread winders ~
OH! {almost forgot}
 Peter has another 'surprise' for us 'Hookers' out there
...something to helps us organize our wool strips while we work.
{more on that to come}

 now, I'm heading out for another walk to look for turkey feathers in our deep woods.

Have a beautiful Autumn day my sweet friends!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Summer said...

Hot tea on the porch sounds really nice ♥ Love the snow falling on your blog ♥

Jacqueline said...

The hooks are beautiful.

The Eveningstitcher said...

BEautiful hooks, Lori! Love your hooked piece too...your loops are perfect...not wonky like you always say!!

Mugwump Woolies said...

Hot tea...on the porch...in Virginia...in the fall...sounds like a little slice of heaven! Love the house and the snowman! I need to get hooking!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lori,
I just LOVE your header!!! Beautiful!!!
Hot tea on the porch in VA certainly brings back memories of my time living there and I still miss it!!!
It is always a joy to see what you and your talented hubby are creating!!!
Enjoy your day!
Heart Hugs~

Nancy D. said...

Oh! I LOVE feathers…Turkey feathers are particularly beautiful! I just sent a Blue Jay feather to a friend in the Netherlands…she collects them and was fascinated by the feather of the Blue Jay. Funny what we take for granted…It was a good reminder to continue to appreciate the beauty in little things all around us. I love your Jack…and, well, layering clothing is the answer to this fickle time of year. Love ya!

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,, the weather sounds perfect to me, too,,,,, cool here now,,,, in fact snowing now this am and windy,,, yikes,,,,, looks like winter!!
Love ur new hooks,,,, and hooking,,,,
Take care,,, enjoy these beautiful days,,,,,

Winnie Nielsen said...

I remember late Virginia Octobers as always a lovely time of year. There are cool nights and lazy warm afternoons but the that awful heat and humidity have gone! Such a perfect time of year to enjoy the arrival of Fall and be outside to soak it all in.

Your new rug hooks look awesome and durable for the all the use they get. I am getting very tempted to learn this craft myself if I can find some local place that carries supplies and can help me get started. I love all of your hooked projects that you share here on your blog!

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