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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

~ Previews and Ponderings ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk!
oh how I love a chilly morning here on the farm ~
Peter lit the woodstove for me to take the chill off this old farmhouse...
~ what a wonderful feeling to see it lit and smell the familiar tang of woodsmoke once again.

I wanted to take a moment before I begin my day,
to share with you a few previews of things-to-come;
while I was in Connecticut I received the model for the 
Oct/Nov/Dec Little Stitches Handwork Club
from sweet Beth who stitched it for me ~ Beth, your stitching is beyond perfect!
Thank you so very much once again :)

 Please forgive the tardiness of getting this quarter's kits out  ~
 I am running a tad behind on things since spending much-needed time with family up north.
here are just a couple of peeks:

Members of the LSHC will be receiving their kits in a few days ~
I yet have to put this model together and show you the 'finish-finish', but I think you will love it as much as I do when you see it...

If you would like to join our Little Stitches Handwork Club ~ or renew your membership,
you can click *HERE* 


Secondly ~ while visiting up North
I had a relaxed time with family, which allowed me to complete a few punch needle projects...
here are a few photos of them just waiting to be 'finish-finished' again!

Angels & Cats seem to be a 'thing' with me this year


and, Last but not least....
while on my way home from CT I stopped in PA at the Black Rose Antiques Mall...
{I swear my car has a homing-device implanted in it and it just 'finds' these shop!}
 ~ while on my way OUT of the mall, seemingly with no luck in finding anything ~
I turned to say 'thank you' to the shop proprietress and spotted this box:
of course the red-over-green paint appealed to me from the start...and the size is perfect too,

 but when I lifted the lid to find this I nearly swooned ~
there was a tray with tiny compartments! oh boy....

 and as if that didn't already clinch the deal for me to buy it,
I lifted out that top tray to find another!!!!!

I was squealing like a school-girl when I lifted out the second tray
and found yet another compartment at the very bottom!

I have always kept a basket of needlework supplies on our coffee table
in reach of my stitching chair and for those moments of impromptu stitching....
but now I had found THEE perfect box to hold ALL of my stuff!


of course, I emptied the now overflowing basket out,
and placed all of my hooking, punching & stitching accoutrements into the hand-hewn trays...
I have to clean the bottom-inside of the box a little better before I can place my weavers cloth, 
wool & calico fabrics in the very bottom.

Score one for me!
of course this will stay here in the farmhouse, and not be lugged around with me on my travels...
{{{as much as I do want to show it off "in person" to the world!}}}
 my pink-toolbox will be my traveling companion, as I shared with you in a previous posting ;)

 Well folks, I am off to the shop to process orders and ship them.
Thank you to all who continue to support us & what we do..
I'll be back soon again with more creative fun, finishes & Big News!!

yes, I have changed my blog to a new header & background.
...in my mind I am getting prepared for the long, cold Winter ~ 
so I added a gentle snowfall for you too...

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lori,
I can see why you nearly swooned!!! I almost did, as well! Wow! Such a fantastic find with ALL those little cubbies in each tray, and if that isn't special enough......THE RED!!!! Great find and lucky you!! It will make stitching so enjoyable for you!!
Love all of you new designs, too!!
Have a sparkling stitching day!
Heart Hugs~

Anonymous said...

That box was made for you, Lori, a long time ago. I just know it. :) Perfecto!!!!! Love those putty-tats, especially…and I'm curious about the Big News…

Rugs and Pugs said...

LOVE your box!
Hugs :)

NMK said...

That box is Wonderful !!!! Show it to your very creative Hubby for another idea for him to Build !!!! :-)

DSFinn said...

Love all of your previews. Your brilliant color choices are so gorgeous and the subjects are delightful. I too love cats and angels. I look forward to seeing your finish finishes!!

elaine allerton said...

Nice punches,,,,, so sweet,,,,,, and ur box , wow love it, too,,,,, love containers that have compartments, too,,,,
I picked up a little wooden carrying box this summer at a yard sale,,,, using it for my punching,,, its got compartments,,,,,
Nice fall is here now,,, love it,,,,,, can smell the wood smoke!!
Take care,,,,,

Three Sheep Studio said...

Oh my heavens ! Be still my heart !!!
That box !! Wouldn't you love to know the story behind it - who owned it and how did they use this chest of goodness.

Winnie Nielsen said...

Lori, so happy to hear that you had a wonderful visit up north. That box you found is totally AWESOME!!! Wow, what an incredible find and so perfect for your yarn needs. Love that red over green paint too. Enjoy these first cool Virginia mornings with a fire in the wood stove.

jean edmonds said...

neat new box!! now that I know what it is--loved the snow dropping down! That's as close as I want to be to any snow--Had my fill when I lived in Ohio and West Virginia, don't care if I never see more than an inch or two at the time!

Fran Caswell said...

So glad to hear you had a wonderful visit with your family. I absolutely love that wooden box with all of those compartments. What a great treasure. We too will be firing up the old wood cook stove that we use for heat and cooking.

Summer said...

That is a beautiful box. Love the snow falling on your blog too ♥

Vicki Jo said...

You found the PERFECT box -- or I should say it found YOU! How wonderful! Doesn't it look like it was created to hold those threads? Happy for you!

Cheryl Reeves said...

Welcome back. I so look forward to your blog in my emails. Glad you had a good visit.
That box is indeed a perfect find. Lucky you.
Lovin all your creations.

acorn hollow said...

Love love love that box! so glad you had a relaxing time.

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