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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

~ Punching Pumpkins ~

After giving my tired hands a rest from punch needle for the last week or so,
I'm back at it full-swing and loving it once again ~ and especially because
 I'm working on my most-beloved subject….you guessed it!

* Hallowe'en *

taking time choosing my colors ~ 
mixing up DMC & Valdani while I work….

love love the 'oranges' 
{"my" oranges include some rusts, copper-y reds, almost browns & orange-y greens too}

adding in the kitty's colors, 
pretty sure he will be brown with stripes. or not. who knows ~

since I have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, I wrap my punch needle 
with athletic tape over a piece of rug hooking wool to make it "fatter" and more comfy for me….
no, not a great look, but it works for me!

...my little pumpkin-folk witch seems to agree :)

h e l l o there!

I can still adjust my needle to different settings, and when the tape gets too ugly, it comes right off without leaving any stickiness on my needle's handle.

previously, I have tried sponge-curlers, even duct tape {ha!} 
and just wrapping it with fabric {which was very pretty, but not practical}

…. but this tape is great, as it has a nice 'grip' to it ~

just sharing a little FYI for those that might have the same trouble ~
Peter says he is thinking something up for me…that man is always thinking!

~ hoping you all have a beautiful & creative day my friends ~

 ~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Anonymous said...

That little Pumpkin-Folk Witch is so cute…I had to giggle because he appears as though he is looking and smiling at your work! Have a good one, Lori!

Debra said...

Some mail-order sources have adaptive devices for people with arthritis, for use with utensils, crochet hooks, etc. You might want to check them out. Love the little tabby-cat!

Shannon Meyer said...

The punch needle piece is going to be gorgeous!! I'm not much for Halloween, but I love everything Autumn, and those colors are perfect!! I have mild RA as well, and making small adaptations works for me too:)

The Eveningstitcher said...

Beautiful work, Lori! I love your color selection. I can only do punch needle for so long too...I don't have RA, but my hand always cramps up...

Anne L said...

Your sweet little pumpkin friend makes me smile.

Winnie Nielsen said...

Love, love Halloween too!! I think your oranges are so fall delicious too! Can't wait to see this little friend all done. Your other little friend in the background is so cute! Glad you figured out an arthritis work around. I find that knitting these days is very hard on my hands so I have to work on things a little at a time.
Trick or Treat!

Sher B said...

Hi Lori, Love the pretty fall colors, so soothing and calm. Your witch standing nearby is wonderful! After the heat and humidity of this summer the cooler autumn weather will be most welcomed!

For your punch needle, wondering if a piece of foam tubing pipe insulation would also work to help with your arthritis? It's inexpensive at most hardware stores and maybe the padding you need to work in comfort, just a thought!

Best Wishes,

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,, love ur new punching!, such fun getting all threads ready,, and starting a new project on ur frame,,,, love , love these fall colors!!! I am working on the witch punch club project,,, just enjoyjng it soooo much,,,,, so glad I joined,,, I will post when finished,,,, may frame or do the wreath like the picture,,,,
Take care,,,

Jennifer M said...

Lori that little Pumpkin Folk Witch speaks so sweetly to me, will that pattern be available? I must have one too Hehehehehehe:)We creators do whatever it takes to able us our craft, works for you and your Rheumatoid hands that's all that matters:)

Angela Tucker said...

Oh, you make me want to get out my punching...right now!! LOL My boss's wife was a crafter, would understand why I was taking the day off. LOL

Heidi said...

I use the self stick bandage that the doctors use when they take your blood. You can make it as fat as you want and it is bumby so it has good grip. I buy it at walmart where the bandaids are! Works great!

Heidi said...

I use the self stick bandage that the doctors use when they take your blood. You can make it as fat as you want and it is bumby so it has good grip. I buy it at walmart where the bandaids are! Works great!

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