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Sunday, August 21, 2016

~ Proper Implements ~

Hello Friends & Folk ~ 
another steamy Sunday here at the farm…

feeling much better than last week, have another appt with dr. on the 25th…
am hoping for more conclusive results to my symptoms this time?

I have been hooking again ~
the end of Summer always finds me pulling out wools & projects begun earlier in the year
or designing & dreaming up new ones!

I like to have everything near me ~ whether I'm stitching, punching or hooking.

here's my Standing Floor Frame with gripper strips that Peter makes ~ 
with a rug that's almost finished on it :)

  perfect size for me, I don't hook BIG-big rugs ~
but this frame is great for medium sized rugs like mine in progress...

I also love my 'Stripper's Tote' that I painted black with gold accents ~
{{ I personalized mine with my name & floral/bird motifs }}
you can see my trusty Fraser cutter clamped to the top/handle…

a portable cutting station you can carry wherever you want to work!
the strips flow down into the box when you cut them ~ perfect!
{{works with ANY clamp on cutter like Fraser, Townsend, Honeydoo…etc…}}

my Sliding Needle Box is painted in the same colors 
for a colonial/primitive look that I love ~ personalized with my name again.

the needle box fits down inside tote for traveling :)

what's in there?
well, I've got a tape measure, sharpies, thread, pencil & scissors
a 'spare' hook and a loop-puller ~ some green ribbon clamped with a clothespin {why? who knows}
my cutter's wrench in case it needs tightening,
some mad-money and Burts Bees lip balm {you can wax threads with this tooooo!!}

~ here are my favorite Rug Hooks that Peter makes:
this is my primitive Pencil Hook with Brass tip ~

and my very favorite primitive Ergo hook with Steel tip
{{we will be offering these again soon!}}

I keep my hook-in-use in the handy little hole in the top of the stripper's tote ~

I keep these off-set scissors in my needle box too…
love them for cutting tails to pile height.

I can identify my scissors by the beautiful witch's hat charm at the end of my scissors fob
made by Victoria {Vikki} Gable {on Facebook}
Love it!

I also like to use my wool covered double-magnet
to hold my scissors and steel tipped hook when I'm not using my cutter, 
it holds fast to it, since it's metal!


but it is mostly found on my hooking-in-progress…
one magnet on the top of my work, one underneath. handy dandy!

I made this little snippet pocket from wool and old buttons…it holds LOTS of snippets
until I'm ready to use them as stuffing -or- offer them to my bird-friends to use for nesting material :)

so there ya go…
a comfy chair, 
all of the proper implements 
and they make for a perfect hooking nest of my own!

~ almost forgot! ~
my beloved bird-friends here in the old farm-house 
keep me entertained and happy while I work away…

who could ask for better companions?

hoping you have a beautifully creative & relaxing Sunday eve ~ 
my sweet friends...

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Mugwump Woolies said...

Holy smokes what a fun post! Your rug is fabulous...the colors are perfection! Your hooking chair looks so comfy. All the black hooking helpers are...well, they are simply wonderful! Will you be offering them in the black with the personalization? I'd love to have something black with Mugwump Woolies on it in your lovely lettering. Hope you will continue to feel better. As I continue to struggle with autoimmune disease, I have altered my diet and have had a wee bit of relief. Hoping that you get a diagnosis soon...keep drinking your green tea...it keeps me going!
Take good care,

1890* said...

LOVE THIS FRAME!!! So very glad i ordered it. Thank you Lori and Peter!

Anonymous said...

You really are organized…all fully functional tools…but, but…SO BEAUTIFUL! I think it's meaningful to work with beautiful as well as functional tools, as it adds to the pleasure of creating. Relieved that you are feeling better, Miss Lori…did they test you for mononucleosis, too? I imagine they did..Take care of yourself, dear.

Kathleen Bailey said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Hooking and stitching always makes you feel better. Takes your mind off things for a while.

kelley said...

a perfectly beautiful post Lori... the right tools makes creating a pleasure...having so many pieces you and Peter have made must feel so good...thanks for all your years of sharing with us and helping make our the work of our hands such a delight...

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Sending healing wishes your way, hopefully the results will be forthcoming and a plan of action can be made.
I love your hooked rugs, you have such a wonderful talent.
Sweet little birds, always the loving companions :)

Jo said...

So glad you are feeling better & able to do some hooking! I'm making spaghetti sauce this afternoon but wanting to sit in my hooking chair! Very motivated after returning home from Sauder! Hope each day this week finds you a little better!!

The Eveningstitcher said...

I love how you've painted your tote! Great designs, Lori...and your rug is just so sweet. Hope you feel better and get the answers from you labwork...take care!

Lori Ann Corelis said...

You have all the right things at hand in your cozy corner!
Happy hookin' and be well m'dear!


elaine allerton said...

Love all the pics, lori,,,, thanks,,, the rug is wonderful,,,, love it,, forgot u had started that one,,,, wonderful,,,,,
Your tools are great too,,, everything handy,, what a cozy spot,,,,,

Vicki Jo said...

Such a beautiful and helpful post -- I always learn a lot from your posts! I hope you are feeling better every day. Take good care of yourself.

Victoria Gable said...

Just when I think I'm organized you come along and prove me wrong lol! So glad you love your fob!

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