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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

~ Just Stuff ~

Hello Friends & Folk!
and a happy 2nd HOT day of August to you!

I flipped my calendar yesterday ~ {a Farmer's Almanac calendar}
and this is what it reads:
"If the first week of August is unusually warm
…the Winter shall be white and long."

I guess we should start chopping wood for the stoves then?
*good grief*

have been indoors mostly ~ 
suffering from migraines and now night-time leg cramps.

BUT - the phone lines are finally back on after 7 days {SEVEN}…
power is staying on, but now my huge commercial laser-printer 
{the one I use to print all of my patterns with}
has decided to go nuts, and a needed call to the maintenance-folk
will hopefully have me up & running once again.

Mars in retrograde?
~  well that supposedly ended in June of this year
 and won't happen again until 2018.

so I'll blame it all on the heat. all of it.
the heat!

I wanted to show you a couple of fun previews of my upcoming cross stitch designs ~
I've been playing around with my iPad & photo-processing software…

here is
"Cat in the Moon"

"Hallowe'en Barnyard"

~ here they are below in full color,
 but not 'finish-finished'

I have a couple of related Hallowe'en/Harvest punch needle models yet to finish,
 then will announce the release of all of my new designs & goods ~ yay!

And I'll soon begin shipping the kits to members of our
Primitive Punch Needle Club from Notforgotten Farm™
{you can click on photo below to join}

so with all that said, I'll leave you with this:
I'd better get back to work…
{but I'm having too much fun with this!}

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Lauren S. said...

Ok Lori, it sounds crazy but Irish Spring soap under your bed sheet helps relieve leg cramps. No idea why this works but it does!

Anonymous said...

Lawdy, but you are a hoot, Witch Brechlin! Mars in retrograde indeed! Your new patterns look so fun and Fall-y! Ever on the move, you are. That's why your legs ache! :) Just sayin'… <l:)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Nice, Witchy Woman!! <:-)

Sarah pauline said...

Magnesium and potassium for those leg cramps. I suffer them too. The migraines might be hormones, might be weather..sorry you are hurting.

Susie Hoover said...

Love that Halloween Barnyard! It's HOT here too in St. Louis ... 110 heat index until the end of the week! UGH!!!!

Penny said...

As a migraine sufferer myself, I feel your pain.... Literally! Been under the weather with one for the past few days.
Love your new cross stitch designs, especially the Halloween Barnyard!
Feel better.... My MIL, who was a nurse, always said to eat bananas for leg cramps. The potassium helps, as Sarah Pauline mentioned above.

Anonymous said...

Definitely needing potassium for your leg cramps. Husband's granny took potassium for years for her leg cramps!

Anonymous said...

Lori, I LOVE reading your blog everyday, but have never commented before. I like everything you do and have bought quite a few of your patterns from my local shop. My mom suffered from leg cramps and was always told to drink more water, along with the potassium. And, she swore by the soap under the sheets! With the hot weather, you may be dehydrated. Looking forward to your new patterns. I only wish I lived closer to visit your shop!
Cherie in WI

Debra said...

I agree with everyone about the potassium, as an RN, but might I also suggest tonic water? The quinine in that might help as well.

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

-------------------------> REPLY:
Thanks one & all! I am taking magnesium, and drinking tonic for the quinine ~
plenty of water, and then some {tinkle tinkle!!} I do believe it is heat related, and could be that I am always on my feet {except when stitching} so….
Thank you all again for your suggestions & well-wishes!
Lori from Notforgotten Farm

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Lovely new designs dear!
(Looks like you were having fun with picmonkey!!)

Take care of yourself!

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,,,, hope u feel better soon,,,,,, too hot,,,,,
Love ur cross stitch,,,
Thanks for all ur freebie patterns,,,,,
Going to draw jp the last one for some punching,,,,, love it ,,,
Cant wait to get mypunching pattern in august,,,, getting excited,,,,
Just started punching in june,,,, and I am punched!!!
Take care,,,,
Love the pics,,,,,

Jackie said...

Love your new designs!

Susan said...

Regarding the migraines..if you get them often maybe you should look into taking Feverfew daily. It works! Occasionally you may still get the eye sparklies but not the pain. You can get it at GNC.

gibbygoo56 said...

LOVE! Got to have them!

janice15 said...

These are very cute love the cow opps cat and the moon. So sweet. I cant do this work, well never tried and don't know anything about it I love it though. With love Janice

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