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Sunday, June 5, 2016

~ Summer-y Sunday ~

~ Good Morning Friends & Folk ~
and happy Sunday to you!

I don't think dear Mother Nature can make up her mind lately…
we go from sun to cloud, dry to wet, hot & humid to downright thunderous.
Last night we had a bad lightening-storm that knocked out our power & fried our wireless router 
{Peter is out purchasing a new one now - I have to have my wireless for my iPad & Notebook!}

I took a few snaps -between raindrops- this morning:
the rains & humidity have everything here on the farm very verdant & lush ~

our girl Roxy likes to nap in the fresh, cool much in our garden beds.
much to the chagrin of Peter & myself…
~ we keep telling her that she has to set a good example 
for when little Cooper comes to live with us!

I have been mowing the grass every couple of days,
again -between raindrops-
and when the sun does shine I swear you can watch it grow!

Daisy & Nocchi don't mind it growing though, neither do the sheep…
it makes them very happy :)

Remember the 'Snake Incident' last week?
well, we had a feeling he {she/it} got in through our ramshackle back porch
{which is actually a side porch but we call it the back porch I don't know why}
Peter tore down all the walls. Even the wall that was between our breakfast nook & laundry area.
Now it will be one bigger, open room ~

… below is the view with me standing with the kitchen sink behind me.

in this snap I've moved closer to the nook:
to the left of the window above, Peter will be building a closet/cupboard to hold brooms & such.

now I'm in the laundry room/backdoor/mudroom area
{geeeez what the heck will I call it now?}
looking in toward the kitchen sink area:

and here is a view of the b'fast nook with me standing with my back to the back door
{which is not a back door at all as explained earlier 
but i'm still confused we don't even have a 'back' door!}

 here is that damned door!
since it is on the same side {front} of the farmhouse,
but to the side, and no longer leads to a 'porch' but now a mudroom/laundry area/breakfast nook,
WHAT THE HECK would you call it??

the washer is there, and the dryer will go to the right of the washer.
Peter will conceal them both with built-in 'faux' cupboards, 
and we'll hang glass front cupboards {the same ones in our kitchen} 
above the washer/dryer with shelves between the cupboards…

He's also making us a drop-down wooden ironing board that will be to the left of the washer
and we will also be adding that broom closet/cupboard to the wall opposite the washer/dryer.

then we will paint, finish the floor and I can then begin decorating ~
the fun part {for me!}
If I have to do laundry, it might as well be a pretty room, right?

Well I am off now to vacuum…
another never-ending chore in this old farmhouse, but especially lately 
~ with all the sawdust & sheetrock dust flying around :)

Hoping you all enjoy a peaceful & creative Sunday!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Anonymous said...

Oh, Lori! You make me laugh so! I suggest you call it the What the Heck Room. At any rate, Peter is back to his engineer self, always making improvements and applying his know-how in the most amazing ways! Happy Sunday to all of you, too!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Dear Nancy D. ~ YES! the 'whattheheck' room! ~ nailed it! :)

Jane said...

Yes, dry, wet, thunder, rain, sunshine......all within the space of 10 minutes!! When does Cooper come home to you? Glad Peter is feeling better.

gracie said...

What a nice new/old addition.

Susan said...

So it is true that every challenge, read the snake, is an opportunity, read "new room". I love it when old truths are proven yet again.

Blessings to you and Peter and the gang!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

{geeeez what the heck will I call it now?}

The back door! LoL

Sounds like a great re-do. Enjoy!

Robin in Virginia said...

Have fun with your new room/area, Lori! Hope you will share pictures when it is finished. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

NMK said...

Your new "what the heck room" will look so cute when you are all done ! You are So lucky your Hubby is so talented !!!

Jacqueline said...

Added space is always nice..Glad to see Peter is back in the swing of things.

Susie Hoover said...

Don't you just love a remodel???? Hahahaha! Enjoy the moment!

Orange Sink said...

It seems I'm the happiest when the sawdust is flyin' and the changes are being made to our old house too! Your remodel project looks like a great idea and will be so charming when done! Glad Peter is feeling better and able to get back to the things he loves!
Have Fun!!
Cathy G

janice15 said...

I know this silly weather is just so off feel like we are having winter days instead of spring summer days.. I dont even know if we reached summer yet, lol terrible. Wish I had a hubby who could change things i really need one of those. Glad all is well and hope there is no more snakes YUK. WHAT TO CALL YOUR NEW RM, HUM back door rm.. Happy Sunday with love Janice

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,,, its going to be great,,,, we have a old house too,,,,3 doors in our small kitchen! Loved seejng all ur pics,,, thanks for sharing,,,

Silent Stitches said...

A renovation & a new puppy!!??...DOUBLE TROUBLE! You are a brave girl! ;-) LOL! ~C

Jackie said...

I like your new 'whattheheck' room! Can't wait to see it finished! (Loved your post!)

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