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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

~ Happy Month of June to you! ~

{{rabbit rabbit rabbit!}}

it is JUNE!!!

here is the link to my June 1st offering on:
I enjoyed working on this little stitch, 
~ and developing the technique for the painted frame as well ~
I hope you like it!
Sampler has been SOLD ~ Thank you Kindly

Please meet "Cooper" our soon-to-be new addition to our farm family ~
this little chubster is australian shepard and shetland sheep dog mix.
Cooper will be coming home to live in a couple of weeks, and I'm sure you'll see lots of baby pics!

we have recently been overrun with snakes ~ 
… snakes in the barn, snakes in the KITCHEN {YES I SAID KITCHEN}
and Peter has been playing with small ring-necked snakes outside while working on the patio:

harmless and yes, I'll say cute.
but they can still bite…. and no, I do not keep them for pets.
I just like to appreciate them and send them on their way so they can do their work.

I will be releasing the new 'Patriotic & Summer' designs and OTHER things tomorrow!
and earlier than expected ~ YAY!
I have a few more touches to add and then done …
BUT, here's what to look for tomorrow:

"Flag Folk" cross stitch pattern
"Olde Glory" sewing pillow pattern
 {a little cross stitch, a little wool appliqué and a little machine sewing}
"Farmer & Goodwife Yoder" punch needle pattern
"Good Dog Ralph" punch needle pattern
Colonial Flag Thread Winder
Summer Strawberry Thread Winder
Bee Happy Thread Winder
Peter has made a neat little brush to clean the gripper strips on your hooking frames!
{{ I'm excited to show you this one }}

Hoping you all enjoy the day, my sweet friends…

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Anonymous said...

My goodness, but your lives are busy! Projects, puppies, snakes, and frames, oh my! Darling Cooper…just look at those puppy eyes!! Have a great day, Lori!

Pat said...

PLEASE......more pictures of Cooper and less pictures of Peter's snakes.
Cooper is precious. Can't wait to meet him.
Snakes.....after almost 8 inches of rain last month I think they are coming up to breathe!! May they go home soon!!

primjillie said...

Do you have a pattern for that cute sampler? Love samplers with letters on them.

susiedele said...

Oh, I love Cooper! He's gonna have so much fun with Bobby and Esther. ;-) I had a sheltie and the first time she saw a sheep she almost lost it. It was like she knew that was what she was born to do. She would herd everything, the rake, the mower, the wheel barrow, whatever moved. She would've herded those snakes. lol

Penny said...

Looking forward to seeing your new releases! The sampler you sold on EWM is just lovely!!
Cooper is adorable! I'm sure he will love living there on the farm with you and the rest of your "gang!"
If my mother were sitting here with me when the snake pictures popped up, she would be half way around the block by now! She doesn't like them no way/no how.... even when they are on t.v. she cannot look. I am not fond of them either (perhaps she instilled some of her fear in me?) I don't know what I'd do if they were all over my yard! You are so good and kind, and I am super-impressed with your love for all creatures!

Mary said...

Puppy adorable.....snakes no...in the house I might be moving!

Ronda said...

Cooper is adorable Lori! .. can't wait to watch him grow on the farm. Looking forward to your new designs!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cooper is beautiful! I'm sure he will be spoiled rotten.
Happy June (how can that be?),

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,, love your sampler,,,, and ur new soon to be puppy,,,, sweetie,,,, oh my,,, looking firward to more pics,,, m
You are busy with spring critters,,,,, wow,,,,
Enjoy ur blogs,,,

Jackie said...

Cooper is cute! I couldn't zip past the snake pictures fast enough ~ they give me the willies!! Can't wait to see your new designs. Have a great day!

Fran Caswell said...

What a face on that puppy, too darn cute! The snakes on the other hand not so much. Can't wait to see your new releases.

Trudy Moye said...

Cooper is such a cutie. My Aussie is almost 7 years old and still plays lik a puppy. They are high energy, smart, and loyal to their family. I hope he is as wonderful as my girl.

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