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Thursday, June 9, 2016

~ Beautiful ~

just Beautiful ~
our weather has been a delight…dry & breezy & sunny.

perfect laundry drying weather, 
gardening weather and outdoor stitching weather!!

it's so nice to be able to sit & stitch and watch the goings-on here at the farm ~
there is inspiration everywhere in color, sounds & sights.

my kitchen garden is coming along, 
 … need to hoe it, so until I do ~ no pics for you!

but here are a few snaps of the patio plants that keep me company…
and a couple of crawly-friends too:

sleepy striped wasp 

son't know what he is, but this has been a banner year for these striped centipedes!
they are everywhere ~ 

my zinnias need a drink…old rusty planter filled with small petunias

sweet gerbera daisies nestled in an old potty

Lowes had a great deal on these humongous ferns ~ so I grabbed one for 8.00!

i put it in our old coal shuttle ~ i love my woodland ferns :)

some stitching on the patio ~

this is one of my favorite little books on antique samplers

… the small cross stitch I'm working on is on cupboard cloth {my hand-dyed osnaburg}
and will be a sawdust & lavender filled pincushion when finished.

You can find me stitching while waiting for that sunshine to come around the side of the farmhouse
~ so I can dry my hand-dyed linens on the clothesline…

I prefer my cross stitch linen to be crisp when I stitch on it ~
 it softens-up with use and has a nice "hand".

I've been experimenting with a new color of linen to add to my
"Old Farmhouse Linen" & "Ironstone" Linen collection ~
a darker brown color, with lots of mottling and age…
 thinking I'll call it "Tobacco Leaf",
 but we'll see.

{{ will show it to you as soon as it's dry & ready }}

Enjoy that sunshine my Friends!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


The Eveningstitcher said...

Love all of your plants/flowers. I'm heading over to Amazon to order this book...Have not heard of it before...but I'm a serious hoarder of sampler books...Have a great day!!

Jane said...

THEEE best kind of day for stitching and planting. I'll be starting a new hooking (original) piece and I have to plant some basil plants that I just bought. I have some in the garden already, but need more for pesto!!I know we're lovin' this weather!!

Cheryl Reeves said...

All so lovely. I so love ferns and found perennial that is fer like leaves and blooms blue. its called Jacobs Ladder..

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,your plants look great!! Everything is really poping now!
Your stitchery is sweet,,,,
Love sitting outside in nice weather and doing something soothing!!
Thanks for the pics,, always enjoy them,,,

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