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Thursday, April 28, 2016

~ Picture Walk ~

After our daily chores & all of our work is finished,
Peter & I head out for an evening walk most everyday now that the weather is warmer ~
we grab Roxy, and head on up our dirt road toward the big field and woods….

usually I forget my camera,
 but last evening I remembered to take it 
~ because I wanted to snap some pics of our iris again this year.

our lily of the valley is naturalizing beautifully
and I always pluck a few to bring with me on our walk :)

our once-strong strawberry patch needs to be re cultivated,
but for the moment
some survivors remain and show their sweet blossoms ~

our woods are filled with dogwoods…
some sparsely flowering, 
others heavily-laden with their distinct four-petaled blooms ~

I like to leave a sprig of flowers on Judith Proffett's {Proffitt/Profitt}'s grave
she lived here long before us 
and now rests eternally in the graveyard here on our property…

yucca or 'ghost-lily' plants are found in this graveyard too…
the local folks here told us that a ghost-lily was always planted where someone was buried…
{not sure of that though…} but they are a beautiful plant!

a view of the graveyard ~ with our big field beyond...

as we turn to walk back, Peter & Roxy share a quiet moment ~
we don't allow her to go in the graveyard,
nor is she allowed up by the road
so she sits and waits patiently for my return from fetching the day's mail ~

good girl
{just realized she has one lone blade of grass on her tongue!}

our woods are filled with winding-vines of wild grape ~
they wrap themselves to anything that doesn't move
so there are lots of trees here that have this twisted-look to them… 

also in our woods are patches of wild lady slippers…
I love these and eagerly await their arrival each spring.

there's our humble farm-shop
and a new sign that Peter & Chris made…

passing by the donkey paddock 
and there is our lovable Pinocchio standing in his favorite spot near the barn ~

anyone know what flower this is?
I can't remember….

the fragile wild poppies have return again.
they stand only about 5 inches tall and are as delicate as can be…
this is why I don't weed until after May!!

narcissus ~ beautiful

my small patch of rhubarb is coming along nicely!
can't wait to make jam again ~

Hoping the rains we've been having have brought your gardens strength and nurturing ~
have a beautiful day my friends!!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Nancy D. said...

Oh, Lori! How I enjoyed the walk-about! All your flowers, both wild and not, are charming! I've never seen Wild Lady Slippers. Beautiful. And the gravestones (I love visiting old cemeteries)…that dove on the stone of Judith's grave would make a lovely needlework design…I'll bet you've already done that. The woods are enchanting, and your farm inviting. Your sweet dog looks so happy…
The yellow flower looks like a type of coreopsis? Hope your day is as lovely throughout!

vic said...

I loved the woodland walk and photo shoot.

It's wonderful to see little spring ephemerals popping up all over. I wish they hung around a bit longer to be enjoyed. Here in southern Indiana most of mine are either in full bloom or just past. The daffodils are pretty much past, the peonies are just about to bloom, and the iris are up but, so far, no buds. It's been such a strange and late spring that this flowering now is extra special.

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Beautiful!!!! Photography!!!! You are so lucky to have Lady Slippers growing wild, that is very rare around here!!

Glenda said...

Pink Lady's Slipper is my favorite flower. Last year I hooked a Pink Lady's Slipper rug it was so much fun, I do not think it did this beautiful flower justice. I also love the yellow lady's slipper. You and Peter have a beautiful piece of property. Thanks for sharing.

mrsduncanmahogany said...

How incredibly lovely! I would love a patch of quiet just like that! :)

Constance said...

Thank you for allowing me to journey along on such an inspiring walk. Your farm is beautiful and peaceful.

Fran Caswell said...

Thank you for taking us on the walk with you. You are a lucky lady to have so much beauty and serenity around you.

pattyb said...

Thank you so much for sharing your springtime walk with us! All of your flowers are beautiful and some of my favorites! I agree with Nancy D. that the yellow flowers from that angle look like coreopsis. Hoping to get to visit your farm sometime in the near future, I am only an hour and a half away!!! Until then...I will enjoy your pictures! Blessings~ Patty B.

marly said...

Thanks for taking us on your walk. How lucky you two are to have your animals and beautiful grounds to feed your souls.

Laura Richards said...

Thanks for taking me for a walk with you! So enjoyed seeing all the pretty flowers!

BJ said...

I love seeing your property come to life! Thanks for the rejuvenating stroll. Wish I lived in your neck of the woods so I could visit. Your yellow flowers could be one of the cinquefoils.

Mary A said...

So lucky to have a pioneer graveyard on your property! The coreopsis is also known as Tickseed. I love the Lady Slippers and they are rare!

elaine allerton said...

Love ur pictures!!! Just beautiful, ,,,, thanks for taking the time to take them,,,, we live jn the country , too,,, love it,, would not trade it for anything,,,, love seeing everything pop after the winter,,, just beautiful, ,,,

Silent Stitches said...

Good Morning Lori...your photos made my day!
So excited about seeing the graveyard!!! Would love to hear more about the house's history and graveyard residents. You reallllly should write a book!!!! ~C

Jackie said...

Thank you for taking us along your walk....I think the unknown flower is a coreopsis (sp?).

sandi s said...

I love all your pictures! Thank you for the walk. 😊 You live in such a pretty area. Hugs,

Phyllis said...

Nice to go along on your walk...looks like such a serene and quiet place. I think the flower is a called a Mouse Ear Coreopsis. Mine is blooming and it's a favorite. I love the poppies! I have tried to grow them with no luck at all. I have a Lily of The Vallely plant but it just stays in a clump.

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