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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

~ Midweek Musings ~

… and a
 Happy Wednesday to you
~ Friends & Folk ~

More progress has been made on BeeWitched…
I've finished her dress and have moved on to the background ~

… since the 2 main motifs are so big, 
and have so many different colors & textures going on in them,
I decided to keep the background very plain… 

I chose a tone-on-tone 'black' 
{which consists of blacks, dark greens & brownish-ness}
all in the very same wool.

 and have big plans for the border though…
I will bring those colors back around for my finish!

"oh... hey Ig!"

"what's that you say…?"

Iggy is always chattering-on about something or another….


I've been in my sketchbooks again ~ just finished up this Lady last night…

"Witch Stitches"
 2016 ~ ©Notforgotten Farm ~ 

I love how her hair floats along with her sewing needfuls…
{{ can you see her little friend? }}
perhaps her tiny companion startled her ~ 
… or she is allowing her stitching tools to enjoy a bit of flight?

Her wizened face & gnarled hands hold many stories I'm sure.
{and I wonder what secrets that skeleton key on her waist can unlock?}

I enjoy sketching in my 'down-time'…

these penciled scratchings are the impetus for my needlework & folk art designs, 
even though these are much more detailed 
when rendered in pencil & ink, 
~ than in cotton thread or wool loops.

I like to flit between my more primitive & naive style
 to more of a 'fine-art' look…
and I usually can find my niche somewhere in there with my style
that I call
~ 'Primsical' ~ 
{{ not quite real but certainly not total imagination only }}


Hoping you can all find a little magic in your week!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Charlene ♥ SC said...

I do love your primsical style of art! Perhaps a stack of simple note cards, or would that be too small to show details? Hugs for springtime! ❤️

Tina McFadden said...

I love everything you do Lori!

Jacqueline said...

You are a very talented lady. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! A stack of postcards or notecards with your little witch would be wonderful! And…you would be a wonderful illustrator for a children's book!!!

susiedele said...

Could your witch be luring that little mousey out of his den with her magic to add him to a potion? eeek! I love it!

cucki said...

Yes I love everything you make and do :)

2stitchin said...

Your witch sketch is fabulous, Lori! Sheer talent girl! Lynn 2stitchin

The Eveningstitcher said...

Love your rug, Lori...you are such a good artist...love the witch!!

elaine allerton said...

Loving ur mat,,,, great colors will pop with the dark background!!
Your sketching is amazing,,,, children book for sure,,,,
Take care,,,

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