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Saturday, April 23, 2016

~ Framed ~

ok, I couldn't hold out any longer...
I HAD to share this with you!

Peter has been making a Floor Model Frame for us rug hookers!

well, actually ~
it was our dear friend Eretta who asked
 if Peter would make one for her, to her size specifications...
and of course, he could only say yes!

proud Peter with his Floor Frame all folded up, waiting for Eretta to come pick it up :)
 she asked him to create it for her a couple of weeks ago...
and in between his regular schedule and him helping me get ready for the last two shows ~
he finally finished it for her.

lightweight, collapsible, sturdy and....big!
 here it is all set up...just two wing nuts & bolts to put it together ~

that's my man!

gripper strips come right to the end of each corner 
~ to better hold a larger rug foundation.

...and here is Eretta taking a closer look at her new toy!
Peter is explaining to her how it folds up for storage...

she said she loves the height & size...
she hooks larger rugs so it will work beautifully for her!

Happy Girl!!!

taking it for a spin... like a charm 

ok Eretta, you can quit now,
that isn't even your rug!

Joan takes a turn at it, since it is her rug!
it's Joan Approved too!!

Robin said she wants one, so does Joan & so do I...
{{mine will be a bit smaller though, but made with the same loving care that went into this one.}}

ok Joan, now you have to give Eretta back her frame!

for those interested in purchasing, 
Peter will be making these available soon...
you can email me for a price/shipping quote to your zip code if you'd like ~ or call 434-263-6508

back to work now Peter,
I cannot Wait to get mine!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


  1. What an awesome frame and an awesome husband! Is there anything that man can't do? Beautiful job!

  2. Without a doubt, Peter is Engineer Extraordinaire!! Too cool.

  3. Awesome! Both of you are just SO amazingly talented!

  4. Awesome! Both of you are just SO amazingly talented!

  5. So clever of your DH, it does work a treat.

  6. WOW!!!! Peter can make ANYTHING!! He SHOULD be proud!

  7. I'm soooo envious! I have wanted a floor frame forever. The gripper strips going to the corners is huge awesome!! I may have to go back to work full time! The 2 of you are an amazing team and I really believe there is NOTHING you can't create! You have my address. I'll take a quote when you have the time. Mother's Day, Birthday in June, I better start hinting now! Krissy B.

  8. Does Peter have a brother, mid 50's, willing to live in the Midwest, enjoys a simple life? thank you Lori for sharing Peter's grand creation! I agree...your husband can make anything!

  9. That is very happy hooker with her new frame. And Lori, what a talented husband!!


  10. If you're gonna have one, that's the kind to have! Hahaha. Your great talent and his great skill make y'all a perfect pair!!

  11. How very clever ! That husband of yours is a keeper ;) The two of you are creativity at its best.

  12. Very nice!! I've just purchased my first hook pattern. It's a bitty one so the punch & hook frame will be good for this beginner! I so hope this is something I can do and enjoy! Like I need another hobby... LOL!

  13. Wow that looks amazing !!!! Love the comment asking if your Hubby has a brother ! What a team you make !!!!

  14. How wonderful of Peter, with love Janice

  15. Still have these available? Was wondering about price for approximately this size. My Anderson frame just isn't doing the job.

  16. Totally awesome!! Makes me want to get back into rughooking again. :-D

  17. Wondering how much one that size would be shipped to 35673- Trinity Alabama
    Laura A


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