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Sunday, March 20, 2016

~ Tis SPRING!!!!!!!! ~

"It’s spring fever. 
That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want — 
oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, 
but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!" 
~ Mark Twain

Hello Friends & Folk!
it is Spring once again ~ all is well in my soul!

Peter went into the woods 
& picked these for me yesterday to display in the shop

a few daffodils, some bridal veil and forsythia...

 aren't they pretty?

 sorry, the brownies are long gone!

Miss Nancy came in for a visit yesterday, and brought some of her wool appliqué…
love how she finished off my 'Lamb in the Clover' design with little bumble bees & flowers :)

love it Nancy!

 Joan & Natalie at the front counter, trying to look busy ~ 
{{ but me thinks that's where the brownies might have gone…}}
just kidding.

hey get to work!

Miss Eretta & Miss Pat came in to play too!
you can see Eretta & Peter discussing something here,
wonder if she's telling him to hurry up & finish her custom gripper frame he's making for her?

"and Peter, you better hurry up with that frame…I have lots of rugs to hook!"

Here's Bella {Natalie's sister} helping to tag my models on the wall…
thanks for being such a good helper Bella!

Bella & Natalie,
my busy little worker bees ~

Natalie has done such a wonderful job helping us get the pattern/classroom back into shape ~
thank you sweetheart!

 I was walking out to the shop this morning and was greeted by this little friend!!
{well maybe not So little…the fattest robin I think I've ever seen!}

I think she's getting ready to lay eggs…her belly is so swollen!
can't wait to see their little blue eggs again ~
and hear the chirping of the newborn hatchlings :)

I wanted to show you how I finished the edging 
of that punch needle motto-design I finished…
I used a length of beautiful Sari silk!

If you're unfamiliar with Sari silk, it is ribbon that has been recycled from old Sari's
{ A Sari is a dress worn in Eastern countries}
their colors are magnificent…

I love how tattered & soft it is ~ 
and the look it lends to my finished needlework.

simply twisted and then whip-stitched on the edge ~
but look how pretty!

I have hooked with Sari before, 
and it also lends a cool effect to my rugs, complimenting the wools with it's silky sheen.

...here is the back of the finished punch 
showing the backing fabric & hanger made from the same sari ribbon:
I never mind the wrinkles in my fabrics ~ i have a few myself ;)

I've started punching the next design in the series of my 'motto' designs, 
so when I have enough to show you,
 I will ~  :)

In the meantime, 
some of you today will be enjoying beautiful weather, and some of you ~
well, not so much.
whatever it is, remember that today marks the beginning of a new cycle
and is the perfect time to begin something different
or let go of an old habit...

* Happy Spring Everyone *

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Anonymous said...

Lori, your Woodland Bouquet is lovely, and your appliqués are the sweetest spring treat! But I have to say, that plump robin is the best! I'm quite sure she is "with egg." Happy Spring to you and all!

Marilyn Schirmer said...

Happy first day of Spring! My hubby plowed out my tomato patch and a new strawberry patch! It's chill here in SW Ohio, so I am cross stitching & drinking coffe, but warm is predicted for soon.

The Eveningstitcher said...

Your shop is amazing! I love the white walls with the bins...very light, and easy to see all of your lovely patterns. Your needle punch design is beautiful and I love sari ribbon...it really adds character and age to your design!

elaine allerton said...

Lori,, love ur shop! Would love to pop in one day!! Someday!! It looks sooo inviting and cozy,,,,
The mat u sewed the sari silk on really makes it!! Love it,,, such a great idea!
Thanksfor posting,,,,

Andree Gross said...

What lovely colors.

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