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Friday, March 18, 2016

~ The Sounds of Thread…. ~

A Dear Friend stopped by the shop today ~
one whom I haven't seen in far-too-long.

a beautiful friend who brings with her happiness and joy & laughter…
was SO good seeing you today Cindy!!
please come by more often…we MISS you!

So I am punching away…really I am ~
I'm Spring Cleaning too.
and busy working on other things for the upcoming shows.

I wanted to show you the progress of the last punching I was working on…
{I am finished with it now, but here are the 'in-progress' snaps}:

as you can see below,
I have begun filling my background in with DMC 310 {black, all 6 strands}

… a closer look…

Adhering to my original plan of punching this background referring to an antique rug as inspiration ~
I continue working my thread-magic and am now 'filling-in' with DMC 3021….

as I punch, 
I like to listen to my thread & punch needle…they talk to me!!

"click pop click pop click pop"
means I'm doing it correctly
{those that have taken previous classes from me understand}

happily punching the remainder of this background….

… coming along nicely, almost finished with the background…
love the 
'old' look it has already ~

spring-greens have sprouted…
altho they are weeds, their happy green leaves
& small purple flowers are most welcome in my little world 

Want to learn Punch Needle??

come to me ~ or ~ I'll come to you.

I am always happy to teach anyone who is learning
 or wants to learn how to punch needle ~

I am always available via PM {Facebook} or Email notforgottenfarmwitch@gmail.com
or call me at 434-263-6508
 if you have a shop or guild or gathering of friends
 that want to learn Punch Needle, by all means let me know!

I am a fun teacher {well at least that's what I'm told!}
I'm SUPER informal…{come in your jammies!! I don't mind!}
I don't criticize or judge, am humble, actually what I'm known for is COAXING….
{that is a cool word, for those Engish-Majors out there!!}
I am willing to learn right-along with you if you have something new for me to learn…
{and I'm sure there is MUCh for me to learn!!}

and I WELCOME each & every one of you to begin a wonderful adventure into
Punch Needle ~

I endorse all forms of needlework, 
because I want to see it kept alive.
and ~ because I want to see it taught some-what correctly & basically to beginners,
without beginners having to spend lots of $$ on a craft they may or may not love.

yeah, I'm rambling….
but can you tell that I'm at least enthused for you?

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Cindy at Mountain Hollow said...

I really enjoyed my visit with y'all today. It has been to long since I have seen you and the shop looks GREAT!!!! I am excited about my new goodies. Thank Peter for my peg rack I found the perfect spot for it. Hope to see y'all soon. Love ya. Hugs....

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Come teach me any day m'dear!! :-)

Anonymous said...

You are so gracious, Lori…and your punch needle design is striking!! P.S. I'm working on my blog…gonna call it The Bonnie White Hare…surprise, surprise! Love ya!

Saundra said...

I really need to do some more needle punching since those are smaller and less stressful on arthritic hands. Sheesh, it has been so long since I punched something would probably have to teach myself all over again. Each time you show one of your projects inspires me to want to pull out a project. Problem is the rug hook is bolted to my hand I think.

Marilyn Schirmer said...

Oh I wish we were closer geographically! I'm learning from you from afar...

mrsduncanmahogany said...

Oh how I wish you lived closer! As in middle of the Canadian prairies closer! :) I would so love to learn....

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