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Friday, March 25, 2016

~ Progressing Forward ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk

a somewhat-dreary day weather wise on the farm this morning…
but, it is still a beautiful day!

I can't believe how green our grass is already ~
... looks like I'll be revving the engine on my lawn tractor soon!
in the meantime, 
Bobby & Esther help keep the growing grass nice & trimmed
thank you my sheep-friends!

that rooster-boy is always running….

I put together a collage of progress photos for you 
~ of that little hedge witch design I've been punching;
I love her and can't wait to show you her finish!!!

I am most-excited to show this to you…
Peter has been working hard on this ~
our new 
Strippers Tote!

I wanted a portable place to attach my clamp-on stripper, and also wanted a box to carry it in to events
{and from room-to-room here in the farmhouse}

I didn't want it too big, but had to accommodate the weight of the cutter, too…
and, I wanted a place to store my strips & hook!
{am I asking too much? naaaahhhh didn't think so!}

 so he made this tote 
~ and yes, it is awesome.

he designed it so that when I cut my strips, they fall nicely into the tote…
via the cut-out portion in the handle ~

it reminds me of an old shoeshine box!

 we painted this one Iron Oxide Red ~ 
but we can paint it any of our signature colors 
~ like our hooks, needle boxes, etc.

nice silhouette too…dare I say even a bit…sexy?
{hey, it is used by hookers & strippers remember, and we are ALL sexy!}

once you're finished using it, 
just un-clamp your cutter from the handle and tuck it away upside-down in the box!

 I will be bringing these along to the 
Virginia Rug Fest on April 9th
we will be offering them in our Etsy shop soon after that :)

and I cannot believe that in just a week's time 
I will be seeing so many of you in Atlanta at the PSS Retreat!
**Safe Travels & Godspeed to those coming from near & far **

Please note that our Farm Shop here will be CLOSED until after April 9th
and will reopen again for April 15th

Hoping you all have a beautiful & peaceful
Easter Holiday Weekend my sweet friends ~

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


denise said...

Kinda dreary weather in Florida today,too!✂

Three Sheep Studio said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Stripper Box ! What a genius idea and beautiful looking, too. ;)

Donna Rae Barrow said...

That hedge witch!!! ❤️

Jane said...

I think the sun is coming out!! Peter is a genius!!!

Jane Martin said...

What kind/model of stripper do you use. I would definitely want one that would fit your box.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my…two creative brains functioning as one! Awesome ingenuity on the stripper's box…and that Hedge Witch is me…I mean, mine! Love the mauve color of her polka dots…and the beehive is a tower of fun! Looking forward to learning needle punch with the Hedge Witch!

Pamela said...

Wow! Genius!
Love your stripper box.
The little witch is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

Marilyn Schirmer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marilyn Schirmer said...

Love your hedge witch. I maybe coulda resisted her, but you just hadta add a beehive!! Your husband is as handy as can be. My DH retires in June and I plan to put him to work in the woodshop! Happiest Easter to you and yours!

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,,, its great!! Love the tote,,, fits perfect for the cutter like mine,, perfect peter,,,,
Love how the strips fall in the box and away u go,,,,
Happy easter to u and family,,,
Ps,,, your witch is great,,,,,

Silent Stitches said...

Fantastic box & the Hedgewitch is adorable...like Marilyn, the beeskep got me too. Will have to "punch" this one.
"Happy Easter to you and your family!"
Best wishes.~C

Blogger said...

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