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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Test Drive ~

a little early morning hooking
found me in my favorite place…

...working on a rabbit rug that I designed & began
last year but never finished!

so what better project to test drive my new purple hook?
oh wait,
my new purple polka-dot hook.
I couldn't resist adding fun dots to my new hook.
{purple nail polish folks!}

my hook works wonderfully ~ just as I knew it would ;)
I pulled up some of my handspun sheeps wool for rabbit's tail,
pulled some cut velvet strips for the large spot on rabbit's side,
and even pulled some torn cotton fabric strips that I'm working into the blue background:

~ hooks like butter :)

don't you love how the different fabrics make for an interesting look?
kinda calls you in closer to get a better look…

the wide shank of my brass hook is a little workhorse ~ 
it opens up the linen backing like a pro!
and the sharp barbed-tip allows the strips of wool, cotton, velvet & spun wool
to glide up through without a hitch ~

ok, my purple polka-dotted primitive hook
{say that fast…}
isn't for everyone
at least you can say it is identifiably mine alone!

I added some detail to one side to represent sunflowers…

and there is a large carrot under the rabbit, 
that will have dimensional 'greens' at the end of it {on the right} when I'm finished ~

here is a view out my window this blustery morning ~

sheep are quietly grazing near the barnyard …

a perfect view…

what is that chicken-looking thing you ask?
it is a rug hoop clamp that I found in Connecticut many years ago…
when I bought it I didn't even know how to hook
but it was one of 'those things' that I had to have ~ never saw one before, and haven't seen one since.
do any of you have one? know of where to get them?
I believe I bought mine at Whispering Hill Farm in South Woodstock, CT.
I call it my 'chicken-helper'

and this is how it works:

… cool, huh?

I prefer to use my ©Hookinpunch frame that Peter makes, 
but on the occasion that I do use a hoop, I like to use the 'chicken helper'

oh yes, not to forget ~
I have another 'helper' too….

"hmmm, smells right…"

"maybe a little purple in that rug Mom?"


In Other News:
 We are shooting for a release of all new pattern/designs tomorrow {Friday} in our Etsy shop.
that includes the new HOOKS as well ~

Almost forgot!
our little Farm Shop is undergoing a transformation!!!!!
will be open regular hours Friday & Saturday 10 - 3
on Saturday, bring your hooking
 {stitching, punching, knitting….whatever}
and come create with me!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Anonymous said...

I wuv your wabbit, no end!!!! I do like the mixing of different materials in a piece, and your rabbit's little home spun tail is perfect! Thank you for a great start to my morning, Lori, purple polk dots and all!

Janet said...

Can't wait to see the shop transformation... Enjoyed the photos on Facebook last week :)

Janet said...

Can't wait to see the shop transformation... Enjoyed the photos on Facebook last week :)

Three Sheep Studio said...

The Blue shades in your hooking are DIVINE ! Beautiful.

Prims and Needles said...

Oh how I wish I lived close by Ali could stop by Saturday and create with someone else who loves it as much as I do. Have a fantastically creative weekend!

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,,, love ur hooking and chicken helper,,, have never seen one!! So sweet ,,, as is iggy,,, love hooking,, , after seejng ur stitchery tutorials,,, think I may try one again! Looking forward to the next lesson,

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