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Saturday, January 2, 2016

First Stitches ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk!

I've made my fist stitches for 2016
… have you?

my stitches are exceptionally tiny this time though ~ 
I'm stitching 1 thread over 1 thread on my 30ct linen Old Farmhouse linen.
{actually, I'll be stitching this over one for one model, then over two for a second model}

this a new design for St. Valentines Day and I've named it

I love stitching over one.
 I love how delicate and tiny the stitches are 
and how details are shrunk down to make you lean in for a closer look.

I should stitch over one more.
it's easy with my lighted magnifier lamp ~ 
these tired eyes of mine won't stop my busy hands from stitching!

using a hoop is something I do usually only when I'm stitching over one ~
otherwise I stitch 'in hand'.

I'll share my progress of this soon again ~

what are your first stitches of 2016?

Wanted to also say
that there are only THREE spots left for Becky Noland's CLASS here at the farm in MAY 2016!!

email me at Not4got@aol.com to sign up for her class before it's too late!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Rebecca from Death By Thread said...

I have some stitches started on my mermaid class project. I can't wait to teach at your place! Blessing this year my dear friend. XOXOXO

Silent Stitches said...

Good morning Lori, First stitches of 2016 were on "Holly"! Enjoying every stitch,such a sweet design! Thank you!
~~~ Have a beautiful day everyone!~~~ ~C

Jane said...

My first stitches were to finish up the second of 4 pillows that I'm hooking for a friend AND we had good friends from Baltimore visit for NYE. My friend, Jan, wanted to learn to hook. She started on a pillow with her initial on it and stitched away the whole evening!! I sent her home with a beginner's hook and enough wool strips to finish. I'll email you some pictures. Thanks again, Lori, for the skills you've taught me. It's such a good feeling to pass them on!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy all these wonderful comments on first stitches of the year! I am currently stitching an Icelandic design (geometric) using wool on linen. It is going FAST, as opposed to your "over one" stitching. I know that is hard on the eyes, but when I do "tiny" work, I use a magnifying glass, which helps tremendously…unless the natural light is just right, then I can do without. Can't wait to see "Beloved." It sounds just lovely!

denise said...

Stitching from stash!

jean edmonds said...

no stitches yet! Still unpacking after the move--today, I did find the bin of unfinished projects, so that's a start--maybe I can sneak in some stitches tomorrow. We'll see!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Sad to say, no first stitches.... Truthful to say, no stitches in a long while. I have been trying to unearth myself from a year+long remodel/addition project with a long, long, way to go.... I felt accomplished when a few months ago I found my hook and frame and tried to re-match my woolies with the projects that were abandoned mid-project. Pulled a few loops, but then got distracted with the holiday... Hope to get back to "life" soon. (But, really? One over one?? Ugh... My poor OLD eyes wept at the thought....) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Darlene Szabo said...

It seems for me that the first stitches are always the hardest.... Maybe the uncertainty of a new beginning....then the rest seems to flow. I look forward to see what emerges on your new project... Love is always a good theme.
I have to purchase a lamp with a magnifier; my eyes don't see like they used to either.

Janet said...

Always loving to see what you're doing and creating.... The Happiest of New Years to you and family..... Blog reader Janet from Ontario.... Where this week it was -18degrees......brrrrrrr :)

Janet said...

Always loving to see what you're doing and creating.... The Happiest of New Years to you and family..... Blog reader Janet from Ontario.... Where this week it was -18degrees......brrrrrrr :)

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