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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wheels are Turning ~

Peter has been burning the midnight oil as-of-late
to create more of those beautiful hooks of his…

his wood-shop is abuzz 
with the sounds of hammering, carving and cutting wood.
 he has been harvesting our Black Walnut, Cherry & Maple trees from our property…
he's also thinking about using some of our Hickory too!

the different woods found here at the farm are so beautiful, 
… and I can see why Peter loves working with them - the colors and graining of each wood
offers it's own beauty to his work,
it is amazing to see him cut down a tree, carry it into his shop 
~ and come out with the many fine products he produces…

my dear hubby

the tools of his trade are so different than mine, but yet ~
they are used to make mine!

his wood lathe has been seeing much use ~
spinning and turning into the night…

his skills are amazing ~ I love to watch him work!

and here is yet another beauty ~ made by his hands for us…
I wanted a longer 'pencil' like handle for my hooks and know that some of you also prefer them,
so all I have to do is mention it to my partner and off he goes!

you can see the variety he can achieve for the hook handles ~
some short & fat ~ others longer and slimmer.
These hooks all have the larger diameter brass & steel hook shanks in them
…perfect for hooking with those 8, 9 & 10 wool strips through linen.

we will be visiting a machinist-friend today, 
to see if he can create a new & different hook shank for us ~
one that is a bit smaller with a rounder hook and smaller diameter for those that hook with 
4, 5, 6, & 7 wool strips through linen, monks cloth & rug warp.

I'm hoping that we will have a bunch of our new hooks ready for the first of the year.
We will be offering them with natural/waxed handles and of course I will be painting some as well.

Have a beautiful & creative day my friends, 
 ~ take some time to enjoy your surroundings!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Anonymous said...

Peter does do beautiful work. I've always loved wood…the grains, the feel of it in the hand... and appreciate all the steps he undertakes to make your rug hooking tools. Too cool.

kelley said...

How wonderful to see another artist at work...my brother in law is the same as Peter...love of wood, hand tools, working on a project that brings joy to the maker as well as the receiver...we are all blessed to find the beauty of creating...

susiedele said...

Absolutely fascinating. I would like to purchase one of Peter's pencil-like hooks when they are ready to go. I like the fat shank.

Jeanne said...

This makes me want to learn how to hook !!! They all look wonderful. Nice work.

gracie said...

I love watching someone work with wood...the hooks look really nice...

Ronda said...

How wonderful Lori! You both are truly blessed with amazing talents, as are we that you share your blessings with all of us! Great post!

Mugwump Woolies said...

Your husband has my husband's "dream job"!!!

jean edmonds said...

Peter does such beautiful work--so glad he's started making hooks! They look pretty enough, that I will prob'ly want to 'replace' my Hartman. with one of his.

Karen Larsen said...

I would like to order one of the slimmer handled hooks with the fat shank for primitive cuts. Please let me know when and how to order. Thanks!

NMK said...

You are both so very talented ! Your husband's workshop is so neat & tidy ! You can never see my husbands !!! Ha! Your hooks look great ! I have a Hartmen that I am sorry I bought.

Karen Budnick said...

These hooks are lovely. What a nice thing to add to your shop!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Ooooo, this post is really tempting to pick up and learn hooking. How wonderful to have a talented and crafty husband. Thanks for sharing both of your talents.

Peace for all,

Dogwood Farm said...

Peter is such a great craftsmen!! Can't wait to to have one of those babies in my hand!! :) xo

marly said...

Nice workshop and tools! I would love to have a designated area for equipment instead of having to set up and put away every piece. And a vac system!!! No wonder he enjoys working his skills. Very nice lathe work.

HomeSpunPrims said...

I'm so happy Peter is making some pencil handles too! I will be ordering for sure when you have them available. Such neat pictures of Peter working in his shop. A true craftman! Hugs, Lori

woollabeast said...

Lori, so blessed to have such a "handy guy" & talented wood worker, these hooks are wonderful! You two make such a great team & I love Peter's wood shop! I'd love to see the (more 'rounded' hook heads) for the *medium & wide* shanks. Most of the wider shank hooks (like Hartman's) have such a {{sharp}} HARPOON HOOK HEAD & I think if they were more "rounded"...this would cut-down on the fraying of our strips & stop from catching the foundation cloth much better. ***Just a little recommendation to Peter ...this would be a GREAT PLUS as all other hooks I've seen "out there" on the market with the wider shank...are HARPOONS! ;) Can't wait till these are available in the New Year...get ready Peter...for the stampede! Tons of hugs to you both!

Harper smith said...

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