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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Musings ~

Good Sunday Morning
~ Friends & Folk ~

These gloomy days are seemingly never-ending!
...we desperately need colder temps to kill off the bad flora & fauna 
that has been thriving in the damp, warm temps…

Peter has a chest cold & cough, 
and I have been slathering him with homemade vapo-rub 
made by dear friend Nancy…

and filling him up with piping-hot peppermint tea 
… with ground ginger and honey ~

I have been stitching when I can,
and am hoping to devote today to the finish of this design below ~

Do any of you keep a journal?
of your stitching perhaps or thoughts, dreams…aspirations or goals?
do you journal about the days past or those-to-come?
how about journaling recipes, or craft ideas?

or simply putting your feelings down on paper…
sometimes that can be so very cathartic for us.
somehow seeing my words & reading them over again is healing for me.

besides doodling in my sketch-books, 
I like to include thoughts & words while creating…about gardening, herbs & such.
or names from the past ~ 
old names like 'Orphelia', or 'Phineaus' ~ just because I like to see them.
{you might even find a few good 'spells' in my journals…well maybe more than a few}

I have many ~ small to large…some contain bits & pieces of random encouraging words like:
peaceful, remember, love thyself, forgive….
there are half-finished masterpieces {in my mind} and some hold bittersweet-memories.

I carry small journals in each of my sewing baskets…and purses!
there is {{at least}} one in each room of my farmhouse, 
… safely tucked-away in drawers and bins and always at the ready 
of my fleeting mind's muse.

~ sitting quietly at times, re-reading my penned & penciled thoughts
helps me greatly know who I am and how I can always become a better-self…

one day many moons from now ~ someone will find one of my journals and read it
and think to themselves in a positive way about me; 
and know that everyday holds a chance to choose

Hoping you all have a wonderful day, 
~ filled with inspiration & love!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


becky jeffers said...

Homemade VapoRub? Could you print the recipe? For this cold & flu season....

Jane said...

I am such a record keeper! I've kept a journal since I read Diary of Anne Frank when I was a young teen. I keep a daily diary, a garden journal, a list of books I've read each year as well as a list of my stitcheries and quotes and ideas for future projects.
Maybe someone will find mine one day, too, and see what it was like in the Good Old Days!

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Lovely sentiments . . .
Get well Peter!

Mugwump Woolies said...

I have kept a journal (of sorts) for over fifty years...50? ...holy cow! It is so helpful for me, on difficult days, to vent to the blank pages of a book. It is equally beneficial to have a gratitude litany...which, thankfully, takes up the majority of pages! Hope Peter is feeling better very soon!
Enjoy your Sunday,

Anonymous said...

I am a former English teacher of 34 years, so journaling is high on my list. I don't journal all the time…just when I feel I need to crystalize my thoughts (they can so get muddled whilst floating around in me head!). One of my favorites was listing Things I Want to Be. Wow. Many I have achieved and others have yet to be, but I found that nearly all of them had to do with helping others. It affirmed my values, validated my virtues, and gave me awareness of what else I can do for others. Have a glorious day today and hope your family gets well soon!

Robin in Virginia said...

I keep a stitching journal and I started setting up the one for 2016 this morning. I include my stitching lists, project information (including any changes I make), gifts given and the like. I hope Peter is on the road to be cold-free.

Pat said...

Put Peter outside in the glorious sun that has returned. Even if it doesn't cure his cold, it's got to make him feel better. Hope he feels better SOON!!!!

cucki said...

My dear I am a big fan of you.you are my inspiration and I love to walk on your footsteps.
Can I say again ??
Yes I love you more ...each and every day...from my heart ❤️
Thank you x

lisa said...

I love the idea of choosing happiness...thanks for sharing!! Hope your husband is better soon! Lisa K

Krissy B. said...

I sure hope Peter is well soon and that you or Hannah don't catch it!I have my Great Aunt's journals/ diaries from the early 1920's up to the 1960's and I do find them fascinating and a great source of history from my dad's side of the family. I wish I could have known her for she was a rebel and she loved art & doing needlework. She wrote once that her needlepoint was mental therapy and would get her through her difficult situation...which was interesting in it's self. I'd love to start one but I don't know what I'd write about. I KNOW many will enjoy your journals years after you are gone! I'm sure of it! Happy New Year and may 2016 fill those pages quickly!

annie said...

Bits & pieces of your journals would probably make a good series of small limited edition lovely books, perhaps a stitching series, old house living series, farm animal antics series,etc., all done with the Notforgotten charm.

C Reeder PhxAz said...

My first journal was about age 10. I remember it had a tiny gold key. It started a lifetime of journals. It is a habit that will be with me forever for certain, even after losing years of journals, notes and photos in a tragedy in our lives during 2006. But after a short pity party, the habit renewed itself. At the first of each year I write down the pieces I hope to stitch that year. As the year goes by I tend to forget that list but every so often as I too go back and read my thoughts and notes, I find the list. This year I was able to cross everything off but one. A huge accomplishment. I have sketch books as well. I think it's part of being an artist.

Orange Sink said...

Such a lovely post today Lori! I'm sorry to hear Peter has not been feeling well but I do believe you have been giving him the best of care with the teas and homemade rub! Hope he finds relief soon!
I needed to hear your words today of the comforts and benefits of journaling and writing... I have done this for many years as well. It keeps me sane... to say the least!
Wishes for a healthy and happy 2016 to all who are blessed to call Notforgotten Farm home!
Cathy G

Three Sheep Studio said...

I love to hear your thoughts. So nicely expressed.
Hope Peter begins to feel better. Sounds like you are "nursing" him well !

Queen Bee's Musings said...

hope you are all well soon. Snow and ice coming here as we have been waiting for that freeze also.
journaling always a good i also but not daily. i like the idea of having them in every room that will get the job done to keep those thoughts. thanks for sharing. great post and so encouraging.

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