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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Morning Picture Walk ~ and other Good Things

~ Good Morning Friends & Folk ~

Just a little picture-walk of our Autumn Garden and shop porch…
and a few other snaps from tossed in from Fri. & Sat. ~

hand painted sign was a gift from Lee & Robin Harrison ~ Millstone Mercantile

love the fallen leaves….

you are always welcome here...

~ simple is best ~

brother in law Tom Parziale made this beautiful birdhouse for us ~

I love Autumn

love my brown leather maryjanes too!

River Oat Grass

~ Beauty Berry Bush ~

be still my primitive heart ~

I've been working on more humble-stitching…
no counting, no plan or pattern ~ just putting needle & thread to cloth.

happy little wonky-stitches

Visitors came from near & far friday & saturday...
Sharon & her Mom stopped in to visit with Joan & I ~
showing us the finish of a hooked rug I had helped her with:

LOVE that chocolate background!

I love to see your show 'n tell!

and we had a special visitor all the way from Sweden ~
now, please tell me WHY I didn't take any photos of my friend Louise & her daughter Pia?
instead I snapped about 40 photos of their little Pug/Pomeranian 
{who was so quick he was a blur in most all of my photos}

So here are the only snaps I have of their visit...please meet:
"Sid Vicious" 
{and Pia's toes and you can spot dear Louise's sneakers in the background}
yep…his name is Sid Vicious…
but he is thee sweetest little guy you would EVER want to meet

Joan gave him a 1/2 of a dog bone, that is what is in his mouth….

Sid immediately began searching for just the right place to bury his dog bone…
we wandered with it in his little mouth for a while, then came to this spot:

Pia & Louise, if you are reading this ~ I apologize for the lack of attention I gave you on your visit.
but you should have known that once I spotted that little-guy in your arms it was all over with!
{just kidding, I LOVED meeting my pen-pal Louise and Pia…
Louise lives in Sweden, and was visiting Pia in Richmond for her daughter's wedding…congrats!}
Louise & I have corresponded via the world wide web for a while now, and I just love her!
She gifted me with handmade & vintage sewing items and even brought me chocolate from Iceland!
{none for you Joan!}

I promise to try to take better photos of my far-away friends visits next time.
{unless of course you bring along a fur ball with you!}

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Have a Peaceful Sunday my sweet friends!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Anonymous said...

What a delightful stroll through your weekend! Thank you for sharing it with us. It's grand to have friends from all over the world, isn't it? Happy Sunday, Lori!

MoonBeam said...

Sweet Sunday morning stroll through your little corner of the world and November. Thanks, Lori.


marly said...

Really enjoyed the picture walk Miss Lori.

Primitive Stars said...

Thank you for such an enjoyable walk Lori. I love that Beauty Bush, those berries are gorgeous!!!!! Blessings Francine.

jean edmonds said...

Love your picture trails--fall color everywhere.
Wonder what color those beauty berries would dye? They are so pretty.

Robin in Virginia said...

Glad you were able to visit with your friends from near and far. I enjoyed your picture walk, Lori. Your Mary Janes looks very comfortable. Any information? I have been on the hunt for new shoes.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

acorn hollow said...

always so nice to see your area in the fall. I too love fall and we have had some warm amazing weather. Makes it hard to sit and hook.

Three Sheep Studio said...

In love with the Beauty Berry Bush !!
Free spirited and beautiful !

Maggey and Jim said...

I loved that tour of the farm.. My daughter has just planted her 2nd berry bush. And I love your. Mary Janes, my style...I am not a hooker but enjoy seeing all the work and time that goes in to the making and how lovely they are when finished. Been a lluker of your blog for a long time. ..
Hope your weekend goes really well...

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