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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rug Hooking Class Photos ~

Good Sleepy Sunday Morning my Friends!

Yesterday was our rug hooking class here in the farm shop :)
… here are some snaps for you ~

…awaiting the students ~

the project was a small pumpkin mat 
{or pillow, purse, pocket, pin keep…however you wanted to finish it :)}

the class began with everyone learning how to transfer a paper pattern onto their linen rug backing ~
then how to cut their own strips by hand {scissors} or using a rug cutter ~

it was a full-house and lots of fun!
a flurry of activity especially when shoppers arrived ;)

Patti gifted me with that beautiful Fairytale pumpkin you see on my counter…
is so perfect it doesn't even look real!
{thank you again sweet Patti!}

we had three 'newbie' hookers ~
they each caught on quickly and did a great job of pulling their loops!
so proud of you ~

one left-hander in the group ~ it amazes me to watch her hook…
so different!

wool dust was floating, wool strips were flying and hands were a blur!

'some' of us even put their own special spin on the class project ~
I love that!

some of us have hooked before, but wanted a refresher ~
no problem! come on out ~
you are ALWAYS welcome here :)

there's that lefty again…
~ beautiful job my friend ~

I made pumpkin muffins and triple chocolate brownies with Reese's pieces on them ~
hey, have to keep those hookers fortified, right?

beautiful hands ~

Thank you so much for coming out and sharing your day with us ~
Hoping you had as much fun as I did with you!!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Melinda Harlow said...

The class yesterday was so much fun.....and learning a new skill...or attempting to....makes this old gal feel pretty good ! Notforgotten Farm is a true " special place" & anyone who visits knows that. The atmosphere takes you back in time when handmade textiles & sewing skills were practiced and passed down through generations. I urge everyone to support Lori & Peters "GoFundMe page...I know I will.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pumpkin hookers! Looks as though the day was a success. Speaking of successes, the GoFundMe is a very viable option to achieving dreams. Two of our friends made their dream for an Excape Company come true through this very means, along with hard work, of course, as you say. Good luck in achieving your dream, and have a glorious Sunday, Lori!

Anonymous said...

***Meant to write "Escape Room" company…I thought they really spelled it that way to differentiate themselves from other similar companies...

NMK said...

Oh those Lucky women who were hooking yesterday ! Love your little pumpkin ! The beautiful quilts on the tables too ! Hope your Go Funding Plan is a Huge Success !!!

Kathy Simpson said...

Does that mean the profits would go to what charity when the building is complete ? This is new to me.

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