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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Gathering of Primitive Friends Show 2015 ~ and a SHAMELESS plug!

The weather yesterday for the show was
Sunny & Hot. 
Yep…H O T.
these girls came out early to be the first in line…
~ die-hard stitchers born of linen & thread they are!

sitting there, waiting for the bus? 
no ~ laughing & carrying-on in their ever wonderful way together.

from near & far they came ~ 
from up the Canadian Wilderness {kidding} down to the Carolinas
…and everywhere in-betwixt ~ and between.

hey {hay?} girlzzzzzzzz

on the contrary ~ they played with our donkeys.

and Daisy & Pinocchio love them as much as we do ~

{{ hurry, come on in before they get in there…}}

here is how it looked 
before the throngs of prim-loving-stitchers came in :)

neat & tidy

organized and somewhat-presentable

lots of new hand dyed wools & velvets from Blackberry Primitives ~

new patterns from Primitive Gatherings ~

hooking stuff. punch needle stuff. 
all kinds of stuff.

our little pattern room was stocked very well ~
Sandra Sullivan from Homespun Elegance sent along a trunk show for us to enjoy!
Thank you Sandra ~ you'll be here next year, won't you?

and a display of my newest designs greets you at the door ~

lets head on back outside before the gate opens
and visit with our wonderful dealer friends!

oh look! ~ the line is getting longer !!!


We had a new dealer with us this year, 
Claudia was demonstrating her spinning and offering her beautifully dyed & spun yarns…

Hey Lee!!!
Lee & Robin/Millstone Mercantile

Joan & Arthur Spalding/Olde Rectory {on the left}
and Jack & Kathy Newman/Everlastings {on the right}

Dorrie & Susan from Olde Threads

while Susan is shopping in Mandy/Bittersweet Folk Art's booth!

a pan of some of the booths ~

Our humble farmhouse with friends Becky Carney/Wing & a Prayer {on the left}
with Becky Noland/Death by Thread {on the right}

another long-shot…

from left to right...
Miss Nellie/Janelle Larkin    ~    Teresa's Primitive Treasures/Teresa Miller   ~   Don & Donna Smith/Southern Star   ~   Jane Umstead/Sunflower Stitches

some random snaps ~

Hi Jack!

oh & just LOOK at that cute little WITCH with the great legs!!
{and the doll is sweet too}
that is my BFF Joan ~ holding her new doll made by Mandy/Bittwersweet Folk Art

here is a closer look at Jane's booth: Sunflower Stitches
this talented lady has become one of my most prolific students!!!

A Wing & a Prayer/Becky Carney

Janelle/Miss Nellies Primitives

here are a few photos that I kindly 'borrowed' from friends
 ~ hoping you don't mind?
{{I was so busy that I didn't even get a snap of everything I wanted to}}

here is my beloved, demonstrating his hand tool prowess ~
Peter had set up an amazing display of his wood working tools, 
from antique tools from his grandfather & father, to a Draw Knife bench 
~ even a Pole Lathe that uses our pine tree branch as a spring!

love you

 and if you were wondering by now just where those women that were first in line went to?
they somehow ALL ended up on my front porch….

Here, Robin is trying to direct us as to where to stand for a photoshoot  ~
 Donna likened this to trying to herd cats….
I {as usual} am talking back, and Nan looks as rebellious as me.

but, it all worked out…
somehow we came together and got these:
photo #1

photo #2

All-in-all, a great day ~
We were visited by almost 300 folks who came through our gates and donated!!!!


Peter & I would like to THANK YOU all for coming out to the show ~
for your support of who we are & what we do…
I cannot think of a better circle of friends to have and it's a HUGE CIRCLE ;)

we would like to thank our steadfast vendors,
 … many of whom have been with us for all past 7 {yes SEVEN} years!!
~ we love you all ~

We want to thank Jeff Dunn and family of the Masters Inn for offering-up
wonderful fresh hot FOOD that kept us all going throughout the day!

Our heartfelt thanks to Chris ~ without your help we would be lost…love ya man!
and to Chris' wife Sarah & daughter Kallie who greeted our guests at our gate…
~ thank you sweet girls!

a very sincere Thank You to my sister Louisea and her hubby Tom ~ 
for all that you do to help us, in every little way…
~ much much love.

 to our daughter Hannah ~
who took time from her busy college/work schedule to help out this year.
~ we love you pumpkin.

~ and one more thing if you wouldn't mind reading please ~
I know the shop is small, and I surely know it gets hot and crowded.
~ and we do apologize :) 

When Peter built the shop was first built seven years ago, 
we had no idea how much our business would grow..

we wanted a place where we could work from, 
where folks could come play & gather for classes & such...
~ but now, because of our wonderful friends & customers
…. we have out-grown it!!!

We would like to put an addition on to the shop that is specifically a classroom, 
~ and we want to offer rooms upstairs from the classroom 
where guests can stay for overnight/weekend/retreat visits too.

With the kind support of our customers, 
and our many hours of hard & happy work,
we have been blessed to be able to make a nice living ~ 

please know that purchases of our products by you are put to good use by us :)

we are putting Hannah through college and aside from every-day living expenses,
the monies earned by us from sales go directly back into our business for you, 
~ our customer & friend.

-----> so, here is our shameless plug:
Beginning tomorrow, Monday September 21st ~ 
please please please head on over to the
Martha Stewart American Made Contest 
you can click on the words directly above or on my sidebar

with YOUR help and votes,
Notforgotten Farm has a good chance of winning the Grand Prize of $10,000.00 ~
and with those winnings, if we would be so blessed to win them,
we would fulfill our dream of creating a bigger place for our friends to come & gather !!

so please head over to the link above, that is our Nominee/Finalist page ~
read a little about us if you're unfamiliar. Read all about the contest and what it stands for 
then, cast your vote.

Peter & I want you to know that we feel like we have already won a wonderful prize in our hearts
 just by becoming finalists in the running…and all thanks to
~ YOU ~

with much gratitude and all of our affection,

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 
Peter, Lori & Hannah
{…and Pinocchio, Daisy, Roxy, Minew, Sugar-Britches, Mickey, Tigger, Iggy, Peaches, Barbara, Esther, Bobby, Bunny-boy, Fred & Ethel, The entire Hen House, Roosty and the Lone Guinea, 
and all of our wild fur & feathered friends here too!}


Donna Rae Barrow said...

Wonderful visit with you all yesterday, and I'm always happy to share photos!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a grand day you all had! And yes, I'll be heading over to the Martha Stewart page and giving a great big, juicy, resounding YES for Notforgotten Farm! I think your vision of a workshop area is right on! Have a great day today…and rest a bit on your laurels. You all deserve it!

Mugwump Woolies said...

In these days of mega box stores and corporate mania, it is so wonderful to see a a family business succeed and grow. It gives my heart such a happy feeling just looking at the pictures...I can only imagine how much fun it is to be there in person. Lori, you and Peter embody the true spirit of the American Dream. Some people say it is dead...but with vision and sacrifice and hard, hard work...it is alive and well at Notforgotten Farm. I'm coming to see for myself next year!
Thanks for sharing this lovely day with us!

Jane said...

It was a terrific day filled with much BRIGHT happiness!! I'm so grateful to be a part of The Gathering!! Thanks for the Sunflower Stitches booth photo. Your support and friendship have truly changed my life!!
Hugs and Love to Y'all!

Louise Dückhow said...

What a lovely day you had wish I was with you but hope I can visit
your special place Nov 7-Just ten days before I get 80. Think that will be a perfect gift from my dear D if she drives from Richmond. I leave from Dulles at Sunday-
Louise in Sweden

NMK said...

Looks like a beautiful day , so much eye candy ! All the lucky gals who were there & buying all the wonderful hand made goodies ! I hope you Win Martha's challenge , you derserve to win & how exciting to build your addition !,!!!!!! Best Wishes , thank you for sharing all your great pictures ...... Have a nice relaxing afternoon !

Carol Bisek said...

Love your photos of what was a perfect day. Wish there weren't so many miles between us so I could have enjoyed it with you. And you can bet I'll be voting!

Wanda said...

Dear Lori, If I am allowed to vote (Canadian) I will certainly cast my vote for you and Peter. I don't comment often but so enjoy your blog and feel part of your family. You have such a warm and welcoming manner, great sense of humour, but above all, you see the beauty around you and translate it in both yours and Peter's art for our pleasure! (One day I will make it to the Farm!) In my mind and heart, you have already won.

Orange Sink said...

I hope one day to make it to your wonderful event and farm Lori! So you all better keep it going for a few more years!! That addition would be so awesome for you!! I am heading on over to cast my vote!!
Your shop looks fabulous!!! Glad all turned out well as evidenced from those big smiles your faces!!
Blessings and hugs!!
Cathy G

Faye said...

We had the best time ever Lori!! The grounds of the farm looked so so nice and each vendor had the best goodies!!!! Between each of them and your shop being chocked full of pure heaven* sigh *, we could hardly bear to tear ourselves away! As always, you are a most gracious hostess, as is Peter..... Thanks again for hosting this annual event every year and all you do!!

OldeThreads said...

Lori...... want to thank you once again for the best show ever, as always you made everyone feel like they were home, vendors we met seven years ago when we did your first show are now "family", customers who come back year after year and stand in our booth, arms piled with goodies and wait patiently, thank-you thank-you, you are so appreciated and make a 7 hour drive worthwhile, this is a show that just keeps getting better and better every year. Home safe and sound,exhausted but now planning for 2016! Love you! ~Susan and Dorrie~

Deborah Ward said...

This was the first time I had heard about your place. My sister and I drove for 2 hours and I'm speechless! The day was perfect. Your vendors were so nice and their displays were awesome!!!! I wish you would consider a show closer to Christmas, too. I would be there with bells on; literally. Wonderful day and we drove home with a car full of priceless treasures. Thank you!

moosecraft said...

Oh my goodness!!! A beautiful show with so many goodies.... AND looks like so much FUN!!!
You've got my vote! :-)

Silent Stitches said...

Good morning Lori.. glad you had the perfect day for the show!
We just hopped over to Martha's and voted for you!...6 times each.
A reminder to everyone: Don't forget to vote for Lori & Peter! When you vote for NOTFORGOTTEN FARM,be sure to "click"/vote 6 times ... "6" is the amount of votes allowed per day! Have a great day! Best wishes, ~C

Jackie said...

Thank you for posting the photos of all the booths and goodies! I hope to make it there one of these years. I'll be heading over to Martha's to vote for you and Peter.

Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

Glad to read that your show was wonderful( as usual) and I am off to cast my vote. I can't think of a better true American made little business worthy of this award. Thanks Lori for all that you and your hubby do. You touch so many people not just by your talented offerings, but by offering us a view into your heart, home life, and humor too.
Fingers crossed!
Tattered Moon

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