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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

~ Working with Variegated Threads ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk ~

another fine day brewing here on the farm…
2 cups of tea, a smattering of yogurt & I'm ready to roll!

Since I am working on punch needle models for Autumn/Hallowe'en
and I am working with my new color palette of pearl cottons from Valdani ~
I thought I would share with you how I use the variations in threads to my advantage…

here is my 'working bowl' ~ full of thread balls, pencils, threader, ball jar & trusty Cameo punch needle:

I carry my working bowl with me wherever I go 
...since I have so many favorite places to choose from…

~ shall I punch on the porch?      ...in my sewing room?    ...how 'bout in the garden?

ok here goes,
we all know that the beautiful colors that we get from using the variegated threads is a marvelous thing.
~ but did you know that by using what I call 
'planned random-ness'
you can add so much more movement & depth to your work?

see the little dresses below…
each one is punched with the same variegated thread 
{Valdani  size #8  color: M90 to be exact}
but, as you can clearly see, each dress is different because of the way I punched it.

I used directional punching in a 'planned-random' fashion!
= fun fun!!

if I had punched each dress in the same direction, 
~ it wouldn't be as exciting to your eye.
it would look rather 'flat' to me…

another trick I use is a 'beauty-line' between motifs and backgrounds.

…below you can see the greenish color line {P2} between the orange of the moon {O510} 
and the darker beginning of the background color {O531}
that P2 is the 'beauty-line'…

I define it like this: 
a line of color surrounding the motifs,
 either contrasting or coordinating, that is used to help motifs 'pop' from the background color.

This very same technique is used in primitive rug hooking!!

in this case I chose to outline all of the motifs AND punch the border using the P2 for a cohesive look.
see the witch hat below?
it was punched using O548 which is a color that is similar to the background color…
if I didn't use the beauty-line, all of the witch hats would sink into the background 
and you'd never see them…they'd be lost forever :(

of course, there are times when I WANT my motifs to blend in to the background…
like when I add subtle words or shapes like stars, swirls, etc. into the design for interest.
THEN you have to come in real close for a better look…
sneaky, huh?

the background to this model is almost finished ~
using the O531 I will again directionally punch my lines…
this time in a 'slanted' direction that I've penciled in on my weavers cloth…
{you can see my faint pencil-lines below}

I like punching the background in an opposite direction from the rest of the piece 
it will make your eye dance around and hold your interest longer :)

here are other examples of directional punching:
the dress on the left was punched using my 'random-striated' technique
{meaning punching in small, straight lines to fill in the motif}
and the pants on the right were punched using my 'random-blocking' technique
{meaning the punching was worked in small 'blocks' before filling in completely}

almost forgot...
the lighter backgrounds in the models above were punched in the same 'random-striated' way…

and since I finished the model below, 
...but had plenty of weavers left around the edges, I {of course} couldn't remove it from my frame until I used it all up…
so I punched little jacks to make into pins with leftover threads too :)

then it's a dip into my cauldron of walnut/spice dye
and out to dry in the sun for a spell…{hehe}
before being "finished" completely.
~stay tuned!~

I am thinking about writing another book
this time it would be on this very subject above…
{{{ but with lots more detail and photos/projects of course…}}}
----> would that be something that interests you?
let me know your thoughts!!!!!

watch for the release of my 3 new cross stitch and three new punch designs this coming weekend!!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


HomeSpunPrims said...

Great tips Lori! I think that would be an awesome book idea! Have a great day. Hugs, Lori

rx2massey said...

Love your tips...would make an excellent book!

Patricia Lutz said...

You bet we would be interested Lori. I have not yet ventured in to this but have all of tge tools. Please do write this book. Easier to begin i formed right??

Jenny Wright said...

I'm interested in any book you a write!

Jim Waldecki said...

SHAZAAM!! You bet I'd be interested in a book! I've been punching bidirectional from day one after watching your video!!! Thank you Lori Dear!!

Joyce Foster said...

Thank you so much, Lori for the wonderful information. I am a self taught puncher, so this is so helpful. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Very good tips and I think a book of punching tips and directions would be welcomed, I have seen many people saying this is new to them and want advice. It would be a "good thing"!

Have a nice day!

connie said...

Lori, I never realized how much work and planning went into art (like painting, pottery, drawing, weaving, embrodiery, cross stitching, and now punchneedle) until I took a beginning art class and learned some artists tricks to create dimension, light effects, etc. Your lessons that you gave here are what I am talking about. Thank you so much for your tips! Connie B

karen said...

Thanks for the tips! Please write this book.

jan said...

The book idea would be wonderful. There is very little material on punchneedle. In fact I don't think there is anything at all recent. A book on techniques of directional punching would be a first. I hope you do it. ...jan

1craftychick said...

A book would be great! Then u could have something in front of u to go by. Thx!

Martha Doe said...

Oh Lori< that would be so wonderful...abook feull of punching tips and patterns from my favorite designer!

Can't wait,

Susie Hoover said...

Oh my, YES! I'd be interested in a book on punch needle how-to's! I've got my tools bought but I've been scared to jump!

primdollie said...

I would love a book on your punch needle techniques!!! great idea!!!! can't wait hope it comes out soon!!!

LindaLee said...

You always inspire me when I drop in. Your work is beautiful. Thank you for a lovely blog. LindaLee

Silent Stitches said...

Thank you for sharing the wonderful tips! (Now if I can only stop pulling out the loops that I just punched, I may actually finish a piece! :-) ~C

Fran Caswell said...

Thank you for the tips Lori. I am a fairly new puncher so I am always seeking new information. Yes I would also be interested in your book.

Kelly said...

A book full of punch needle tips is a great idea! I too have the tools but have yet to start a project. Hope you decide to do the book!

Heather said...

Oooooh, this is looking AMAZING. I love the rich colors, and has me in the mood for fall!~

Jackie said...

A book would be wonderful! I've using some of your techniques already by accident! Now I will consciously use them!! Thanks....

Krissy B. said...

Lori, this post is wonderful! YES!!! Please write a book about it for those of us who want nice things but don't have the vision to get us there. This is so helpful! Thank you for sharing! Krissy B.

Pamela Tasker said...

I just love your blog! and what an idea...a "beauty-line" ! I really like that and can't wait to see the three finished products. Thank you. Pinckney, MI

Hunny Crafts Primitives said...

You have inspired me to design my own punch needle patterns and i copied your beauty line not really knowing why, now i do. Thank you Lori you are wonderful and yes a book would be simply fantastic.

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