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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rainy Days ~

Pluviophile: { plu-vee-oh-file }
a lover of rain: one who finds comfort and peace of mind during rainy days ~

that's me.

raindrops on old wavy windows ~
shadows & filtered light….

feeling cozy in my nest
{a.k.a. sewing room}

stitching while listening to rain on our old tin roof
calms me…
soothes my soul.

stepping outside and
breathing it into my lungs refreshes me.
the positive charge in the air energizes me ~

the way soft rains wash everything clean
and I love the smell of damp earth…

such tiny droplets hold a world within themselves
and with each fall to the ground ~
they help nourish every living thing they touch.

without the rains
we would 

i cannot imagine living where the days were arid all the time,
although some of my readers live in climates that are just that ~
others live where there is a little too much rain.
~ I'm happy to be exactly where i am ~

…just enough.

I think our Roxy is a pluviophile too…
{{ she loves to be out in a drizzle! }}

...she'll come back to the farmhouse after a walk in the woods
with her shiny black coat dripping raindrops like diamonds,
~ then give herself a good bath.

I'll be processing orders today ~
then I will don my boots and head for our woods myself.
to recharge & reenergize
to clean my lungs
and gain inspiration from Mother Nature.

Hoping you all have a beautiful day my friends ~
whatever your weather may bring!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Nancy D. said...

Funny, Lori, but we too are expecting a good rain today after many days of dryness. We also have a tin roof on our little house, and you can bet I will have the windows open while I stitch…and breathe in the relief. Enjoy your walk in the woods!

Jane said...

Love your poetry and photos. Too bad we can't open our windows, yet! I'll be hooking my newest piece..."Rest in Pumpkins".
Hope you're feeling well :-)

Gisela Suski said...

Mother Nature is such a gift, nature gives us so many blessings. Hope you are feeling better. It rained for 2 days here in Omaha and I just stitched and listen to music. I was happy happy happy.

Linda Ann Evans said...

would love a nice slow rainy day....enjoy, hope you are on the mend.........

denise said...

wish i could stay home and stitch or read on rainy days. i have a tin roof,too!!

acorn hollow said...

we are in the heat very unusual for us in Northern New England but it will break and the rains are predicted to come.

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Thank you Lori..I Absolutely LoVe this post! I LoVe a gentle rainfall day. You hit the nail on the head with the way you described each perfect little raindrop! I can tell you are feeling so much better. You make me want to rejuvenate too with a quiet walk back to the bush. Roxie is beautiful! I LoVe the stitchery too! " M" works for me! Have a wonderful day Lori!
Hugs Marg.

Robin Hager said...

After all the hot weather we have had here in NC, we are finally getting some needed rain. I love rainy days as well, especially when I can just take the time to relax and enjoy them.

Lizzy said...

I love a rainy day. Love your understanding of how it refreshes.


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