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Monday, June 8, 2015

Tonight, tonight ~

~ Happy Monday Friends & Folk !! ~

please join me this evening at approximately 8:00 pm Eastern time….
I will be releasing a few new designs for SUMMER
 in my Etsy shop ~

I wanted to release them last night, 
 we had a tiny visitor from our deep woods come by to say hello!

I thought Peter would lose his mind over her!!!!!
...the look on his face says it all ~

we watched her leap-away towards her Momma, 
...who was making 'chuffing' noises so baby could locate her ~

and off together they went…..
a very Happy Ending!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Dirt Road Primitives said...

Oh I can not wait to see whatcha got this time.......��

That is the most adorablist picture ever, what a touching moment.....Peter looks to be in his glory.....


kelley said...

ooh the joy on Peter's face!

Saundra said...

OMG, I love my deer too and get nothing accomplished when they venture into my yard as I want to just stare at them. There is one female who continually has twins and I know it is the same female because she walks with a limp.

JR Bush said...

That is the most precious thing. What a guy you have!
Don't know who was the cutest, Peter or the baby! Julia

Donna Rae Barrow said...

I do love the sweet moments shared between Peter and this little woodland friend! Can't wait for the new releases!!!

Jimmie said...

Oh my goodness, I would have fainted at the sight of such a beauty - uh, I AM talking about the little fawn! And the look on Peter's face was priceless. We have a lot of deer on our 25 acres, but none has ever gotten close enough that I could touch him or her. Most years we have a moma who brings her twins into our wee orchard when the pears get ripe. She pushes against the tree trunk and knocks the pears down for the babies to eat. I love that sight. It doesn't matter if we don't get one single pear...the deer can have them all!

Thanks for such a beautiful post!

Diane in North Carolina

Robin said...

What a precious little one! Thank you for capturing it with your camera along with Peter's joy.

Robin in Virginia

blueladie said...

Awww. So sweet. I'm so glad to see there was a happy ending. :D

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Oh what a gorgeous little one, you've made my day by sharing these photos. Such spindly little legs - there's a saying over here in Scotland that I instantly thought of - we say "spurkle legs" which harks back to the thin spoon that used to be used to stir porridge:-)

Jane said...

What a treat for both of you!! I'm glad her Momma was still around. Altho' they would have loved life at Notforgotten Farm!

Theresa F said...

Simply adorable!!!

m j said...

Kind of takes your heart away. So precious and I'm so glad Mom was there calling for her. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What a charmed life you have. It's so gratifying to see fellow animal lovers who have the "gift."

Silent Stitches said...

HOW PRECIOUS!! Thanks so much for sharing! ~C

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, my. That is just too sweet!
Hugs :)

Trudy Moye said...

Oh my how sweet. We have many deer around our house but never got to be that close to one! I would be smiling like Peter too.

Kaisievic said...

Oh my goodness, the little fawn is adorable! You are so lucky to have such a visitor.

Jeannine520 said...

How adorable! I'd be goofy over a baby dear, too!

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