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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Printing Packaging Gardening Rabbits & Frogs

Good Morning Friends & Folk!

{{{such a clever title for this post, ….don'tcha think?}}}
so much going on that I tried to fit it all in!

so here goes…first-things-first:
I must send out my deepest gratitude for the 
response we've had to my new little cross stitch designs :)
~ thankyouthankyouthankyou ~

these past few days have found me printing & packaging orders
and shipping labels ~ look for your order in your mailbox SOON :)

...here's the 'gardening' part:
 Peter has been working in the new Kitchen Garden ~
it is coming along rather nicely and I am so proud of him.
*thank you honey!*

we put in a triple fountain for our feathered friends & bumbler-bees to take their drinks from…
I love the sound of the soothing running water ~

my hubby has thee greenest thumb!
here are his 'blue' tomatoes:

and here are a few snaps of my flowers:


are these not so very pretty?

 I love colorful combos in my plantings, 
so here are my lantana, verbena, coral bells & petunias…

my hydrangea is so pretty this year too ~
almost lost it to the frigid temps last winter, but it has made a comeback :)


 Peter has many 'favorite' plants, and asiatic lilies are top on his list ~
you can smell these all over the farmyard!

...these little pinwheel or peppermint petunias were gifted to me by Joan ~
and I love them {and Joan!}

~ yet another gift from Joan ~ this rusty old cooler that we've filled with
basil, oregano, parsley & rosemary…we call it our little Italian garden!


...more of Peter's favs ~ a fig tree!

and a banana tree!!!

I love shade gardens & plantings, so I lean toward ferns too…
this one sits in one of my cauldrons on the porch ~

a happy little patriotic-patch :)


now on to the 'rabbit' portion of our post ~

Roxy brought us this:
a tiny little hopper!

we have learned that a black snake had invaded a rabbit warren in our field,
 and needless to say, this baby was the only survivor….
awwwwwwwwwwww :(

we have adopted him ~ he is being bottle-fed and is almost weaned.
he {at least we 'think' it's a he} is fattening up and love to eat fresh parsley & clover.
Roxy thinks he's her 'baby' :)

and now,
onto the 'frog' part.
no, no live frogs, no toads either to show you 
{we do have quite a few that come out onto the patio at night though}

the frog I'm talking about is this:

...that blasted thing we have to do when we are off just

SO ~
why do we stitchers call it frogging?
because we have to rip out the threads ~
rip it rip it rip pit rip pit 
{ribbit ribbit} 
get it?

I would prefer to play with real frogs than do this….

Hoping your day is a beautiful one!!!
~ Blessings from the Farm ~


connie said...

Poor little rabbit but glad you rescued him/her. I just put a baby bird back in the nest but don't know if it will survive. Momma bird built her nest above the light on the porch and guess baby bird got too close to the edge. It was still alive so I got a ladder out and pushed it up into the nest but that was a pretty good fall onto concrete....Love your pictures! Connie

Jane said...

Lil Bunny landed in the best place possible!! It will soon have a name and be part of the Notforgotten family. YOur flowers look lovely. I'm enjoying my veggie garden's progress and I've been hookin' under the trees!
Hugs to Y'all,

jan said...

I just love that rusty old cooler as your Italian garden - almost as much as I love that baby bunny. ...jan

Jacqueline said...

Beautiful post.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Roxy has the heart of her mom and dad... :-) Great idea to keep that oregano contained - it took over my herb garden. Just realized, with the pic of your actual home & garden that the blog pic is a duplicate of your home! Duh... I'm slow. Thanks for sharing all the prettiness!

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Love the new garden!
Yes, Peter DOES have quite the green thumb . . amongst his other talents!
What a sweet baby bunny . . .
I think this is a sign that Roxy is definitely the mothering type :-)

Have an awesome day!
Lori Ann

Martha Doe said...

I have been playing with my own frogs this morning for the second time on the same cross stitch! Third time never fails, I hope!!!

I need Peter's green thumb with my Mr. Stripey Heirloom tomato...almost 7 ft. tall and very atragly, and the blooms wont set...love the 'blue" tomatoes, really blue??

Your flowers are really stunning! Beautiful fountain!

Luv luv luv all of it,

jean edmonds said...

Love your new baby--'he' is so cute and cuddly looking.
Your flowers are so pretty too--what a wonderful place to be! wish I lived close enough to visit.

C Reeder PhxAz said...

As we ready for summer heat in the desert I so enjoy all the posts of summer where gardens can abound. Funny - the post #1 from Joan - I did a double take as it appears the metal figure is wearing a pineapple on its head!!! Then realized its two different things. Maybe I need new glasses - might help with my own frogging last night too. Thanks for the new designs and photos.

Lizzy said...

Great post. Lovely pics. TFS.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Everything is so lush and I love the colour of the fence against the contrast of the white house. And oh yes that house... every time I see it I think of the movie 'Sommersby'.
Darling little bunny too.
Susan x

NMK said...

Beautiful flowers, love the rusty cooler with herbs & your fountain is So Cool !!! The tiny bunny is so sweet , he knew your farm would be a safe & loving place !

Jeanne said...

Such a lovely garden, and I really love your fountain.

Susie Hoover said...

Your little bunny is so VERY cute!!!!

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