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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday Musings ~

Saturday Morning Greetings to you!

...wanted to share with you
a few snaps of my small-haul of treasures 
 ~ that I found yesterday at the 
Fishersville Antiques Expo

here is a sweetly-tattered sampler that found me….
it was in a booth operated by Tinker's Wagon ~

this poor old dear has been through the ringer hasn't she?
just look at her :(
I have plans for her…
~ and to me she is perfect ~

Louisa Colbur(n?) stitched this naive but charming needlework ~
there threads have faded to loverly creams, browns & indigo blues…

the linen looks to be a homespun, with an approx. 32-36 count from what I can tell.
Louisa hem-stitched all of her edges back like a proper girl was taught to do in those times ~
unfortunately, time has taken it's toll and there are quite a few large holes & rips throughout…

I can't find a date, or age of Louisa anywhere {yet} but I'm still searching…
but she did leave a tiny little 'B' at the very bottom ~
done in 4-sided stitch…

I wonder what it stood for?

I also came home with 2 towels, 
...from the booth of Cat Lady Antiques ~

the one below, 
is beautiful nubby linen with a hanging loop on each end.
very simple and straightforward…very utilitarian & I love that about it.

this one, {below} its a 'bit' more fancy ~
with it's crocheted edging at the very bottom…

it has one hanging loop, center/top…
and I think it is oh-so-sweet that the maker initialed the loop with pen & ink ~

I do believe I can make out the letters "L" & "F" ??
I know two girls with those initials ~
perhaps I'll stitch a friendship sampler on this one?

and do you recognize these book pages?

of course you do….

I had the pleasure of chatting with Jimmy Cramer at the show ~
oh how I love his gentle nature and creativity!
{Hi Jimmy!}

I have shopped in his booths MANY times 
at the Beaver Creek Antiques mall in Maryland, {{he has THEE BEST stuff!}}
and love when I bump into him at the Fishersville show….

I have devoured each & every page of his & Dean's ground-breaking book…
poring over it time & again, 
...looking at every intrinsic detail and soaking it all in.

…even the cover of their beloved book is the perfect Farmhouse Porch Green!!

after seeing friends at the show,
{HI Kathy & Jack, Trudy, Cathy, Donna, Anne, Stacy, Stacey, Kim, Joan & Art…..}
I came home and fondled that tattered old sampler above ~

I took in each tiny stitch and wondered where Louisa was when she stitched it?
 how old was she? what year/month was it?

why had no one considered framing it? was it ever framed?
did she herself spin & weave the linen it is stitched upon?

how would she have finished the bottom?…
and so many more unanswered questions.

it's these questions that keep me researching,
…. designing & dreaming of needle & thread ~
the fodder for my insatiable appetite and
the fuel to my ever-burning fire 
...I reckon. 

so with that,
I picked up my own needle and thread,
chose my linen
{32ct Vintage Maritime White from Lakeside Linens}
and began making those tiny little 'x's' that consume me day & night...

….using my favorite 4" Duchess hoop and gold needle of course.

~ and so it begins again ~

…the rewarding act of stitching memories into cloth.

Hoping your day is filled with beloved memories!!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Jane said...

Just think how pleased Louisa would be to know you will cherish her stitchings!!

susiedele said...

I love how you adore and speak of the olde linens. I feel sorry for those that don't 'get it'.

old crow said...

Thank you so very much for your lovely words....they inspire me!! Cup of coffee and your blog...perfect way to start my day!!
Morning Hugs,

debbie haggard said...

LOVE everything about this post- from the fabulous found sampler, to the beginning design of your newest one, to your lovely prose. Your blog is always the first one i look for each day.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy Saturday to you my friend.... It's been a long time since I visited, but it always feels a bit like "coming home" when I visit your blog. Your sampler find is truly a treasure...and the questions that go through your mind are the same that run through mine... While I obviously can't possibly catch up on everything I've missed, I did peek back enough to see your kitty family has grown!!! Yay you! Hope to do better at staying more connected in the days ahead.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Martha Doe said...

Hi Lori!

The Antiques show sounds wonderful!...love the old sampler, its just beautiful. I have Seasons at Seven Gates Farm. Got it from a book club many many years ago, I love this book! Don't you just love the angels made from Christening dresses with all kinds of wings! His gardens are beautiful! What fun getting to talk to him in person. He used to write for Country Home magazine..loved his ideas! Sorry for being so long-winded.


Faye said...

I always find inspiration in your words and photos.... And am so glad you rescued the poor tattered sampler~~ with a plan in mind.... As always, I'm intrigued by your latest stitch... Loving the colors I see and waiting for the finished product.... On another note.... I have had the best comments about my stitch and finish of your design {Spring Farmhouse}... It's soothing palette just **makes** it and finishing it into a small quilted hanging was a good alternate to framing it... Thanks so much for all your well thought out designs!! Keep them coming~~

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Thanks for taking us along on your journey. Perhaps B stitched this special towel for Louisa for Mother's Day. She looks to have been used to wipe up a coffee spill or left on the wood stove to be scorched. :-) Your towels will be very special friendship gifts with your thoughtful stitching! <3 Have you ever gone to Luckett's Spring Market? http://luckettstore.com/spring-market/

Rugs and Pugs said...

I was lucky enough to find an old redwork sampler with my LF initials. So much fun to find things like that.
Your tattered sampler could tell many stories, I'm sure.
Happy Mother's Day to you.
Hugs :)

Orange Sink said...

I'm so glad that sweet little sampler found you Lori! As you stitch away on your current lovely work does it ever make you wonder where it will end up or if a lady of the future would one day hold and examine the cloth as you do today?
What I wouldn't give to speak in person with the honorable James Cramer! Gosh the Season's Book has been an all time favorite of mine for years... never tire of it's pages!
Wishes for a Happy Mother's Day!
Cathy G

HomeSpunPrims said...

Wonderful post Lori! Sweet finds. Oh yes, I love Jimmy & Dean's book too. How great you get to visit Jimmy's booth and see him in person too. I just might have to get my book out today for a treat! Happy Mother's Day my friend.
Hugs, Lori

Jacqueline said...

I started your "Ah Spring" bunny yesterday and am looking forward to a few hours of stitching on it today, Mother's Day.

Handwork is so relaxing to me.

Thanks for your blog and all you share.

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