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Friday, April 24, 2015

~ Creative Chaos ~

"For me, peace comes when I embrace the beautiful mess that I am ~ 
and that this world is…and just let it be that. "
~ Elizabeth Gilbert

and oh what a mess….

I am in the throes of the final creative week before the upcoming
PSS Retreat & Merchant Mall

full throttle
pedal to the metal
full steam ahead

my sewing room looks like a tornado has come through ~

fabrics piled here and there…
no rhyme-or-reason to 
...or print

loose threads
tangled selvedges
scattered everywhere

not that I am a neat-nic when I create ~
{{{ I tend to leave a trail of 'stuff' all around the farmhouse when I'm creating…}}}
when I get in the moment
I just can't stop for housecleaning, eating or
sometimes even sleep…

I go to bed at night thinking about linen, colors, fabrics, threads ~
and wake up the

I'm working on a little collection of finished textile jewelry
brooches, pins, bracelets & necklaces
made up of spent cloth, old quilts, odds & ends
of things in the bottoms of my sewing baskets & such.

I want to incorporate everything into these tiny bits of wearable art ~
snippets of lace
old fasteners & eyelets
vintage threads

I'll be using these below to make a few unique things too ~

Will share again soon~

Have a most-creative day today my friends!!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Rebecca from Death By Thread said...

I love your sewing space!!!!!

Barbara said...

My work space looks like that all the time!! You are a woman of my own heart!!

jean edmonds said...

Looks exciting! [even tho' my space looks as 'disorganized' as yours does(?)]
I'd love to trade places for awhile!
How fun would that be!!

Jane said...

I often ask you how you put your head down to sleep at night!! You are the most creative person I know and SUCH an inspiration!!

Barbara said...

Creative chaos leads to wonderful ideas and finishes!


Gisela Suski said...

I love your creativity. When my sewing room is a mess that is a good thing - it means I am happy.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

Lori C. said...

As crazy as we get in the push before an event . . it's exhilarating as well! The piles, the bits strewn about and stuck to us all over . . . others might laugh but in our own hearts we know . . . it's creativity in motion!

Have an awesome time in VA!


Silent Stitches said...

Organized chaos...it looks wonderful! I'm in the middle of "organizing" this chaos over here, today. (Whacked my knee on the doorframe crawling into the attic...so I'm taking a 5 minute tea-time break, 'cuz your blog always makes me smile.)
Back to work...
Have a wonderful weekend! ~C

annie said...

Looking forward to the jewelry!

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