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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thread & Chickens ~ and other stuff...

Nice post title, huh?

...so here's my thoughts on the thread part:

As a designer, 
I am privy to new & upcoming things 
from excellent makers of threads, linens and other wonderful sundries for needleworkers…
hence the latest:

new Sampler Threads and Simply Shaker Thread from

4 delicious colors that I can't wait to work with!
they are perfect together for a patriotic sampler I have in mind ;)

green tea leaf 
ruby slipper

I love the subtle-ness of their variations ~
in each unique skein
one colors seamlessly blends into another, yet as a whole,
...create a completely different look when used to stitch with.

…and now the part about chickens:
{humor me a bit here}

you all know I'm a farmwife ~
I have a small herd{?} of hens & roosters
that I dearly love…

they are my sweet little clucking-friends
and provide us with fresh eggs & much amusement.

it is only right then,
that I should honor my feathered folk with this:

~ a Laying Hen Pin Keep ~
{this will be a pattern due out with the Spring Releases….VERY SOON!}

I chose to create my fat hen using antique feed sack fabric ~
and in the snaps below,
you can see I'm still in-progress of crowning her wee head 
~ with a bit of vintage cotton fabric for her comb and wattles…

she rests on a nest of dark dyed linen,
to which I have added small stars of white thread….

then after she is finished, 
I will put the final-touch of raw flax 
under her tail-feathers to act as nesting material ~

but she also holds a surprise….

Lady Hen & her nest are mounted high atop a white painted
~ Thread Spool /Pincushion Stand ~
which Peter has made for me…

and I adore it :)

these will also be available at time of Spring Release~
...the final pics of EVERYTHING we've been working so hard on 
will come in the following days my friends ~

and speaking of Peter…
{my wonderful hubby whom is always willing to bring me my cup of morning energy}

I was brought this this morning on my desk:

he said he couldn't figure out how to add a lighted candle to it…
but I'm sure given enough time he would have.

Thank you, Peter ~
you are a 'sweet-tea'
{sorry folks couldn't resist}

Yes, it's my birthday ~ 
...the 52nd trip around the moon for me.
I thought entering my fifties would mean lots of negative things…
but much to my relief
none of those things have happened {yet}
my hair is still intact.
...my teeth are still ok 
and my legs are still able to hold me up.
{although one knee…..}

~  I have noticed subtle changes, though like
having to tinkle more often than not
{especially when it's cold out}
trying to remember simple things like where I left my scissors. or the milk.
I'm finding that I am relying more 
on my sense of touch more than my eyesight going down the stairs
{even though my trusty try-focals are glued to my head now}

~ being 50-something is ok.
I LIKE the color of my now grey/white/silver/blonde hair.
I like the 'respect' I receive at the grocery stores, 
{{and hey, I'll take that discount when you think I'm a 'senior' but am not quite yet…}}
and even though I have always been a strong, independent & outspoken woman,
I like who I have become…don't get me wrong ~ 
I am still strong, independent & outspoken
but now I do it with experience & grace!!
I'll be here in the farm shop today,
we're open from 10:00 - 3:00
the driveway is a bit on the muddy side, 
so please be careful…

Hoping you all have a beautiful day my sweet Friends!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Doreen said...

Happy Birthday to you sweet friend!!! I hope it is a beautiful day. Life is absolutely what you make of it!!! :)

LOVE the mug and Peter sure does sound like a "sweat-tea"

I LOVE these new threads ~ can not wait to see what you do with them AND..I cannot wait to purchase your new chicken pinkeep, she's wonderful!!

Hugs, doreen

Jane said...

Happy, Happy Day!!! Love your new creations. And Peter IS a SWEETY! Hope to see you, soon.
Warm Hugs.....

1890* said...

Wishing you Happiness and Light birthday girl!
Cheers of *Positivity* & *Love* as you make many more journeys around the Moon XO

Tina McFadden said...

Happy Birthday Lori! My your day be filled with happiness.

Kathleen Hughes said...

Happy Birthday, Lori!

connie said...

Love your mug and Happy Birthday again..

Ann K. said...

Happy Birthday, Lori!

gracie said...

Sending hugs and birthday wishes for a wonderful day and upcoming year

Debra Masek said...

Blessings to you on your Birthday!!

Dana Moll said...

Happy Birthday, Lori! Enjoy your day with your "Sweet Tea"! Warm hugs to you young lady! I call you young because this year I stand on the doorstep of 60. Everything still works with a few minor adjustments and more attention to maintenace, lol.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

You are aging with grace and beauty! Happy Birthday!

Jan Emerick said...

Oh happy happy day.. i so do LOVE chickens!!!

Rebecca from Death By Thread said...

Happy Birthday Dear Sweet Friend!!!! You are a constant inspiration of hope and light. Enjoy your day!

Patti said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday filled with blessings! Can't wait for your spring releases :) I just adore your chicken pinkeep!
Blessings, Patti

backporchcarver said...

Happy Birthday Lori! You got a great start to your day, what a stunning mug of tea!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Lori!!! Have a wonderful year!!

old crow said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Talented Lori!!
Hope you have a beautiful day!! Looking forward to your new Chicken Pin Keep!! You make a wonderful team!! I use my frame everyday!! Absoulutely love it!!
Best of Birthday Wishes to you!!
Hugs, Mona

Sandra Sullivan said...

Wishing you the most wonderful birthday ever!!! Blessings, Sandra

Bunky said...

Happy Birthday to our dear sweet Lori....you share so much of yourself with everyone you know. You deserve only the best... I hope that your birthday is truly wonderful!!!!! Louise

Martha Doe said...

Happy Birthday, Lori!

Love the look of the Hen made from Feedsack...anxious to see the completed hen and pattern!

Love all you wrote about turning fifty...you're a mere kid to almost 76 me!
Have a wonderful day!

C. M. Designs said...

`Happy Birthday to my fellow Virginian. You're just a baby, Lori, not dry behind your ears.. ha ha
I turned 74 in Jan. and I agree with Martha Doe about you being a mere kid----and such a talented one.
Your husband sure is a sweetie..
I hope you'll have a very happy day and many more..
I enjoy reading your blog even though I don't have one of my own. Love your outdoor animals and especially "Iggy".
Charlotte in Virginia

Three Sheep Studio said...

Happy Birthday Lori !!
A new wonderful year is before you ;)
Enjoy your special day !

Silent Stitches said...

*Singing* "HAPPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY TO Y O U!!! ...very off key..soo glad you can't actually hear this!
Lori, Here's wishing you the best birthday ever & many more! Remember...you're not getting older, you're getting better! Kinda like fine wine ;-) Best wishes, Charl

susiedele said...

Happy Birthday, Lori. You're just a 'Spring Chicken'.

HomeSpunPrims said...

Happy 52nd b-day Lori! Wishing you a day filled with blessings. Your hen and stand are sweet as can be. You and Peter make a good creative team, that's for sure. Birthday hugs, Lori

Dirt Road Primitives said...

Happy Birthday!!

I think we got the rare few hubby's left in this world, sounds like something my hubby does for me, we are lucky women.......I just turned 50 in January, my step son said it's the new 40, lol, creakier bones, yes glasses affixed permantely to face, lighter highlights in hair, but blessed to do what we love to do..., thank you lord.....

Enjoy your day and all the wonders around you.... Love the seak peeks of some exciting new goodies, excited to see....

Blessings from cold and chilly Ohio


Patty C. said...

Happy birthday!

denise said...

love the sampler floss!! happy birthday!!

tj said...

...Happy Birthday Lori! *<:o)

...Here's hoping your day is filled with everything and everyone you hold dear and of course, LOTS of cake! ;O)

...Love the new thread selection too! Gorgeous colors and love the names too. lol

...Enjoy your day!

...Peace & blessings. :o)

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Dear One . . . You add a smile to my day when you post ! As you said . . the 50's are not so bad . . . there are "adjustments" but those are to be expected. Waking each day is the first and best part!!


Fran Caswell said...

Happy Birthday Lori! I hope it is a great one. I too will be 52 this year. I say it's just a number. Well most of the time. : )

Mercer's Daughter said...

Just happened upon your blog at the same time I was getting ready to stitch the "His eye is on the Sparrow", I've made 3 of them so far. Happy Birthday, thanks for sharing your talent with everyone.

Mercers Daugher

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday, Lori!
I love and follow your blog everyday! Also love all of the animals you bring to life through your eyes and into your fabrics!
Enjoy your 50's, they're better than the alternative.
Enjoy your day!

By Thy Hands Tinkerings said...

Happy Birthday girly!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Happy, happy birthday! I'm 68 now and I echo your sentiments....I like who I am at this age. No the knees aren't quite as good and the vision is weaker, but the joy at each new day is stronger and stronger! blessings, marlene

susiefloozie said...

Happy Birthday, Lori!! Love your beautiful creations, inspirations, and critters!!!

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