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Monday, January 12, 2015

Rain Rain ~

Monday + Rain = 
...a cozy farmhouse...

I love being in here, warm & snug ~ 
while watching the rain fall outside.

I'm working on my punch needle designs, here is a WIP
{Work In Progress}

see the red 'thing' on my punch needle?
it's a piece of old foam-rubber that I have wrapped around my punch needle held in place with a rubber band.
yeah, really high-tech :) it's there to keep my arthritic fingers more comfy while I work!

our feathered friends outside are busy at the feeders ~
jays & cardinals fluff their feathers warding off the rainfall....

when we go for our walks in our fields and woods,
I always bring back something in my pocket....
abandoned birds nests, spent wasp & hornets nests ~
and feathers of course.

and I like to keep them in my apothecary jar-lamps ~

everything looks good under glass :)

the recent frigid temps have kept me indoors a little bit more, 
...but my thoughts are turning to warmer days ~

so I pulled out my 'veggies' and garden-related decor!

I know I'm early, but we do what makes us happy ~
there are no rules, right?

oversized carrots and a head of 'cabbage' in my big basket ~

and I am also bringing my 'hearts' out too,
for St. Valentines day but I like to leave them out longer ~

these are pillows I made to showcase some of my white button collection ~
I added an old skeleton key to this one...

here's another ~

sorry about the blur! but you get the picture ~
I think I'll make some more of these ~ love them.

one of my very favorite rabbits makes his appearance again ~
my little spotted hare from The Spotted Hare!

h e l l o !

here's another little vignette ~
and yet another little rabbit tucked into a basket...
toss in a few faux carrots and voila!

...spring is here :)

I'll be teaching a class in Richmond, VA on thursday
for the Virginia Guild of Needleworkers
...can't wait!
I love to see folks 
and get together for a day filled with fun ~
{{...hoping the rain will be gone by then!}}

Have a beautiful day my friends, create something wonderful!!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Lori Ann Corelis said...

Today spring feels far away . . . we have a silly rainy/snowy mix. But your post gives me hope
that before we know it we'll see sunshine and flowers!!
Take care of those digits m'dear! (I have the same problem! Overuse? Nah!) :-)


Orange Sink said...

Oh Dear Lori!
How your post makes me long for a sweet Spring day with the wonderful veggies in a basket!! LOVE your collections of hand mades and how you display them!
Enjoy the rain... it will be a couple of months maybe even three before we see it here!!
Have fun at the the guild teaching!! The ladies are so blessed to have you there!!!
Cathy G

JR Bush said...

Lori, I see you have the black frame thing over
your work in progress. I am having trouble
keeping my work on the frame so I tied top
and bottom. Did you make the little black
framy thing? Do you sell them? I'm hooking
along but still really clumsy. Wish I lived close
enough to take a class. Julia

Judy said...

LOVE those button pillows. I have tons of old buttons, I might have to try that. Thanks for the inspiration.

rebecca said...

thanks for all your great pictures. I love seeing also what your making and love reading what you have to say. Happy almost Spring......

Joy said...

Lovely post. Getting ready to get my "hearts" out. Love the idea of feathers in the lamp.

Tammy Black said...

Hi Lori,

Oh, what a very special spotted hare...I LOVE it! Looks like you're also thinking spring :)

Jennie in GA said...

Adore the button basket pillow! So sweet.

Jennie in GA said...

Adore the button basket pillow! So sweet.

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