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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mixing it up ~

when I don't have a needle & thread {punch, hook, etc...}
in my hand ~

I will usually hold a pen or pencil or paintbrush.

the first thing I do when I design is doodle.
that's a funny word if you say it numerous times :)

I usually doodle in sketchbooks ~
and I keep sketchbooks everywhere...in my purse & car.
one (or three) hides in every room of this old farmhouse I swear.
I got to thinking ~ {uh oh.}
I said to myself:
"self, why don't you doodle on those luggage tags 
that you have hiding in that old tin way up there on that shelf,
instead of those sketchbooks that are tucked away?"

and myself answered:
"good question."

so I climbed up and got them out ~

love my old red PA German tins ~
these are on a shelf above my worktable in my sewing room

 I keep all kinds of 'stuff' in them,
...this one holds luggage tags, especially.

T A G S 

and I did this ~

nothing special, just a random drawing in ink....

 lots of fun ~ but just what will become of them?
not sure, but at least my creativity is never idle ;)

maybe I'll make them into custom business cards 
 ~ and include a little original drawing in each order I receive ~
Hmmm....wheels are turning {constantly}

but for now, I'm just enjoying making them!

I finished one of the punch needle projects I've been working on ~
this one is called 
"Tulip Peddler"
and is punched using both Valdani variegated threads & my DMC floss colors:

you can see the darker brown/black threads are Valdani, 
....while the ecru threads are DMC

I like how this looks ~

the Valdani I am using is #8 pearl cotton, 
and I use it in my Cameo Ultra Punch Needle w/ the MEDIUM tip needle ~

when I use the Valdani with this size needle, on the #1 setting of my punch needle
my loops come out looking little tiny french knots...
and I LOVE this effect!
...not sure if it's because the thread is worsted {twisted} 
as opposed to the 6 strand DMC which is not, and lays "flatter" ~
but regardless, using both kinds of threads in my work is awesome...
~ best of both worlds!

look for this design and more new designs 
~ coming soon to my Etsy shop ~
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
tis a snowy-blowy day here at the farm today...
a dusting of the white stuff graced our barnyard this morning,
making it even more cozy inside.

Hoping your day is filled with creativity & warmth!!
~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Jane said...

You have so many wonderful talents!! I plan to be hookin' and bird watchin' and keepin' warm today!

Dona Carver said...

Really love the tulip peddler

Dona Carver said...
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Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Your work is always a joy to see. Happy creating to you on this cold Winter day my friend:)

Rebecca from Death By Thread said...

The tag is gorgeous!!! I love your red tins too. Keep warm my friend!!


Kris Miller said...

Lovely, lovely, and LOVELY! I love the tins, I love the punch needle design, and I LOVE the tags! Stay warm!

old crow said...

Lori, your tags are wonderful, such "doodling" talents!! I am looking forward to your new punch needle design!! Lovely!
Happy Creating!!

labfarm22 said...

Love all of your creations. Maybe that tulip lady could have a friend in cross stitch. Enjoy your day.

linda56 said...

ok.lori.....you got me wondering why i have not started my zentangle yet this year in florida.....i usually have it out and busy working on something every day while i am here....today....might be the day...thanks for this post...i needed it....love your tags...and every talent you have.....i wanted to let you know that i pulled out my punch needle....the other day...and got so frustrated.....i put it right away....i don't think i had the right hoop to hold it...so i went to Micheal's and bought another one....maybe that will help...if not...i am going to do a giveaway on my blog....for one free pattern...lol.....

Glenda said...

i love your tag! A business card or post card would be nice to put in your orders. Heavens to Betsy puts sheep post cards in her orders and I save mine and stick them around the window in my wool room. They make a customer feel so special at least I do when I receive them.

Jeri Landers said...

Good Doodles!And put to good use. You are in a very Pennsylvania Dutch mood I see, one of my favorite styles of art.

Susan said...

Nothing special you say........I say "poppycock" , it's very special. You are so talented.

NMK said...

Even your Doodles are Awesome !!!

ronda at simple thyme prims said...

oodles of doodles, sweet Lori! .. looking forward to your new designs. Stay warm!!

Dogwood Farm ~ Louise Tietjen said...

I'm loving your new punch needle design and your art work is so beautiful!
Such a gifted spirited!

Gisela Suski said...

Love the tulip lady, colors, design love your talent. I am enjoying January.

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Hello Lori....I just LoVe the new needle punch Tulip Lady. I am wondering...when you punch with DMC, do you use all 6 strands or 3 strands.? I guess I should enlarge the picture as I wondered if you use some Valdani at it's regular " string" does it make a difference to use 6 of the other. Hope you figure out what I am trying to ask Lori.
I LoVe all your talents....doodling at it's best.
Hugs Marg.

Karen said...

The doodle is a work of art. I like the effect of Valdani on the 1 setting of the Cameo. I did a Christmas deer pattern, an old one, from Brenda Gervais and realized half way through I had it on the two setting. What the heck! Oh well. So I changed to one and liked the mix. It does look like small french knots, my favorite! Your needlepunch tutorial on You tube helped me so much when I started and I want to say thank you! Karen in NC

Judy said...

Your doodling is beautiful. I have no talent for that sort of thing but wish I did. I think that's what makes the talents and work of others so precious to me.

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