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Monday, December 8, 2014

Settling In...& Blog Hop Day number 8

My favorite thing to do....
sit & quietly stitch
{or punch, or hook, then repeat...}

my favorite place to do just that?
...one of my many stitching chairs.

This specific chair ~
an old wingback that graces the back of our keeping room,
has been a constant for many years.

I picked it up from the side of the road in Connecticut many moons ago...
piled it into my car, brought it home and cleaned it up.

it was ragged & filthy but I knew it would work for me.
we fit together like hand & glove ~

it has now been with us for almost 20 years
and although her fabric is faded and shredded from numerous kittens,
it still welcomes me, my needle and thread
... on a cold day like today.

I also love to collect things ~
{no revelation there huh?}

and have a tendency to pile things in bowls and baskets...
{{even things that don't belong together like pumpkin stems, sock darners and clothespins.}}
...but somehow it all works for me.

this specific basket holds many needful things ~
it is always on our low coffee table in front of our sofa 
where I can reach for a pin, button or spool of thread
it is also a very portable workstation for me
so I carry it around to other favorite stitching-spots...

the small lidded basket keeps my threads
scissors spill over the sides and buttons & rusty pins gather in an old fluted tart-tin ~
making a perfect juxtaposition of things I love.

dig down a little further into the wooden basket
where more of my treasure await ~
and you'll find
rug hooks
tomato pincushions
needle works-in-progress
and old sepia toned photographs...

most of the items in there are used everyday
like the scissors and hooks...
the sock darners?
not so much... ;)

...all I know is 
that this basket holds my heart.


Today is Day #8 on the
today's artisan designer is

hop on over and see what beautiful things they sharing with us ~

* Blessed be * 


Kim said...

LOVE YOUR CHAIR!!! And your portable sewing basket.I have one that holds my things too!!! Enjoy your day!

Stacey said...

cozy days, humble stitches.
Enjoy, my friend.

Blessed be,


Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Cozy comfy chair. What could be better for stitching the day away?!
Love your collection!

susiedele said...

You are one amazing gal!

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