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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Yard Work ~

The recent winds
 have blown off almost all of the black walnuts 
and leaves from our trees
within the span of just a few days ~
leaving us with tons of nuts and leaves on the ground…

the black walnuts are plentiful this year, 
~ but you can break an ankle on them if you dare to cross the farmyard in the dark!

Peter & Chris have been raking and blowing them
into piles to compost…

things were going along smoothly,
production was suddenly thwarted ~

"Big Green" - our tractor
 {{ and yes I can cook and clean AND drive Big Green!}}

 …seems as though there was 
in one of the leaf-piles…

…or some"ONE"!

our faithful old friend,
Mr. Lazy Bones
decided to climb in & nestle down in the pile for a nap :)


 …holding up the progress for just a little while…


we didn't have the heart to make him move for a while,
~ but ~
the boys did need to get back to work you know.

~ our sweet faced old-man-dog…our best friend ~
...he is 11 yrs old now,
has trouble seeing & hearing ~
his bones are stiff and stodgy
….but he can still chase a few deer when he wants to!

Pinocchio & Daisy
are very good friends with Lazy,
and come in for a closer look….

"hey there!"
... or is it "HAY there"?

we let Lazy rest for a while,
then resumed the yard work….

Lazy reminded us 
just how important it is to slow-down 
and enjoy a good nap 

Since I was snapping pics, 
I thought I'd share the Nandina berries this year on one of the bushes ~
They are beautiful…

it's beginning to look a lot like…..

and since it's upon us once again…
'Tis the Season so-to-speak ~

I've filled up my wooden bowls with more of our wonderful

Jingle Bell Pot Pourri©
 from Notforgotten Farm

…and have added it to our Etsy shop…
the whole house smells like Christmas!!

Hoping you take time for yourself today ~
go for a walk in the woods,
create something with your hands…

...hug an old friend.

* Blessed be * 



  1. LOVE the picture of Lazy in the pile of leaves. His face is beautiful.


  3. Annie thinks Lazy is "so cute". We love his grey face!

  4. Thanks so much for the inspiration, I have been putting off getting out and doing the leaves but after reading this post, I am off to get that job done!

  5. Sweet, Sweet Lazy!!He knows the best place to get comfy. Our pup, Jack, loves to jump in the leaf piles! I spent a good part of yesterday clearing the front yard. Still have a few piles to haul to the woods, but I LOVE it!

  6. Lazy is so cute, I bet he did not want to give up the leaves he was on.
    Pinocchio and Daisy are so sweet.

    Happy Fall

  7. I did leaves yesterday too...but nothing stopped my progress on my orange tractor. Such a sweet doggie... What great pictures you took!

  8. Silly Lazy . . . . I had a dog when I was young who LOVED to play in the leaves . . . thanks for the memories!
    See you SOON my friend!!!



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