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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Yard Work ~

The recent winds
 have blown off almost all of the black walnuts 
and leaves from our trees
within the span of just a few days ~
leaving us with tons of nuts and leaves on the ground…

the black walnuts are plentiful this year, 
~ but you can break an ankle on them if you dare to cross the farmyard in the dark!

Peter & Chris have been raking and blowing them
into piles to compost…

things were going along smoothly,
production was suddenly thwarted ~

"Big Green" - our tractor
 {{ and yes I can cook and clean AND drive Big Green!}}

 …seems as though there was 
in one of the leaf-piles…

…or some"ONE"!

our faithful old friend,
Mr. Lazy Bones
decided to climb in & nestle down in the pile for a nap :)


 …holding up the progress for just a little while…


we didn't have the heart to make him move for a while,
~ but ~
the boys did need to get back to work you know.

~ our sweet faced old-man-dog…our best friend ~
...he is 11 yrs old now,
has trouble seeing & hearing ~
his bones are stiff and stodgy
….but he can still chase a few deer when he wants to!

Pinocchio & Daisy
are very good friends with Lazy,
and come in for a closer look….

"hey there!"
... or is it "HAY there"?

we let Lazy rest for a while,
then resumed the yard work….

Lazy reminded us 
just how important it is to slow-down 
and enjoy a good nap 

Since I was snapping pics, 
I thought I'd share the Nandina berries this year on one of the bushes ~
They are beautiful…

it's beginning to look a lot like…..

and since it's upon us once again…
'Tis the Season so-to-speak ~

I've filled up my wooden bowls with more of our wonderful

Jingle Bell Pot Pourri©
 from Notforgotten Farm

…and have added it to our Etsy shop…
the whole house smells like Christmas!!

Hoping you take time for yourself today ~
go for a walk in the woods,
create something with your hands…

...hug an old friend.

* Blessed be * 



Pat said...

LOVE the picture of Lazy in the pile of leaves. His face is beautiful.

sew.darn.quilt said...

so sweet :)

Kathy L. said...


Mugwump Woolies said...

Annie thinks Lazy is "so cute". We love his grey face!

backporchcarver said...

Thanks so much for the inspiration, I have been putting off getting out and doing the leaves but after reading this post, I am off to get that job done!

Jane said...

Sweet, Sweet Lazy!!He knows the best place to get comfy. Our pup, Jack, loves to jump in the leaf piles! I spent a good part of yesterday clearing the front yard. Still have a few piles to haul to the woods, but I LOVE it!

diamondc said...

Lazy is so cute, I bet he did not want to give up the leaves he was on.
Pinocchio and Daisy are so sweet.

Happy Fall

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

I did leaves yesterday too...but nothing stopped my progress on my orange tractor. Such a sweet doggie... What great pictures you took!

denise said...


Lori Ann Corelis said...

Silly Lazy . . . . I had a dog when I was young who LOVED to play in the leaves . . . thanks for the memories!
See you SOON my friend!!!


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